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Slovenija: Postojna via Snežnik do Prezida

septembar 17, 2022 · Community
Hi there! I have a gpx file indicating the white trail going from Postojna to Masun. I plan to start the trail from postojna, so could you tell me if I can take this path, then reach the path indicated on this website, or if its better to go by the predjama castle? Thanks in advance!

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Answered by Sonja Muzina  · septembar 19, 2022 · Vipava Valley
It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing your gpx from Postojna to Mašun. If you trust your gpx, you can use it. it seems that the distance will be shorter. We suggest you contact Tourist information centre Postojna 386 (0)64 179 972 or
Answered by Фло Рио · septembar 19, 2022 · Community
Thanks for ur answer Sonja :) Actually, the problem is there is 2 different gpx tracks for slovenia white trail on this website... One is the stage 1 slovenia, the other is the total trail gpx including all countries. I finally followed the stage 1 gpx, and it's ok. Slovenia is really beautiful :) I enjoy here. Tomorrow Slinvica ! :)
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