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Via Dinarica BH-W-05 Planina Čvrsnica i grad Jablanica

septembar 11, 2021 · Community
Completed this section over two days with an overnight stay at Plasa Hut. I began my Via Dinarica trek at Lake Blidinje which I reached by taxi from Jablanica for 50 Bosnian Marks. The first day between Lake Blidinje and Plasa Hut took me around 9 hours which included an hour of lost time after I lost the trail near the Monastery. Most of this day was going up. Firstly through forests and then over exposed peaks. For the most part markings are frequent but there was a lack of signage at key junctions which often led to me following the wrong trail before I realised I was off the GPS track. The scenery once you get above the tree line is breath taking. I had booked with Vilinac Hut but they cancelled my booking three days before I was due to stay. Instead I managed to get the keys for Plasa Hut from Yusuf (Mountain club secretary) in Jablanica. Plasa Hut had a rain water tank, a wood burner fire, plenty of bedding, a basic kitchen and an outdoor toilet. I was the only guest. The cost to use the hut is 20 Bosnian Marks. Between Plasa Hut and Jablanica it was 4 hours down hill. Firstly, along a steep trail through the woods and then for the last 2 hours on a dull fire trail past the local garbage dump. I carried enough water to last me each day. Some of the GPS marked water sources were dry or seemed quite dirty.
Plasa Hut at dawn
Plasa Hut at dawn
Fotografija: Tony Pretyman, Community


Laura Schröder 
novembar 24, 2022 · Community
hi, i was planning to do a 5-6 day hiking trip next year and hike a part from the white trail. I was wondering how you got to jablanica in the first place?is there a train from Mostar, or by car?thanks Laura
Tony Pretyman
novembar 24, 2022 · Community
Hi Laura I caught a bus from Mostar which I booked in advance online through GetbyBus. The journey time was less than an hour and the fare was only a few Euros. Bosnia is such a beautiful country. I highly recommend it.
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