View over Diva Grabovica


Via Dinarica BH-W-05 Planina Čvrsnica i grad Jablanica

avgust 03, 2022 · Community
Did over 2x days. A great stage with a fantastic mountain hut stay at Vilinac. Host there was super friendly and welcoming (open weekends in summer months) but just message ahead and you might find that they are open during the week too. Route from Blidinje Lake straight forward, although you'll need to take a bearing/follow GPS markings through plain from the lake to the base of first climb. Track from here is well marked and maintained and although a slog uphill it was great!! We followed top route (not via chapel). The landscape is diverse with karsk rock, forest, baby pine, meadows and the views from top of Veliki Vilinac were just stunning, as was Hajducka vrata (Rebel's Gate). Took enough water for the day to Vilinac Hut and then refilled the next day from the hut well (lovely fresh water). No water at Plasa. The only unpleasant part of this stage was the downhill to Jablanica, steep in parts, long and tough on the feet.

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