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Via Dinarica BH-W-06 Planina Prenj


Nina M

septembar 23, 2018 · Community
Tried to do it the other way around but failed in the middle. Started in Rujiste (took a taxi from Mostar for 50 Mark for two persons, you should only pay 30 though!) and slept one night in the mountain lodge. Call in advance, they provide food as well. In Rujiste the house keepers were very friendly and helped us a lot with informations or calls. They have a key for the hut 'Adnan Krilic'. Slept one night there. There is leftover food and gas to cook when we were there. Beds are good and there are many blankets. No electricity and tap water anymore. Rain water is next to the house and a spring 10 minute walk further the official path (after you pass the shelter on the left hand side). Didn't find the well closer to the hut. The shelter looked okay as well. Has even a small fireplace. We continued the next day to Mountain Hut Jezerce. The top Jelena Glava is worth it, but only if the weather is nice. Jezerce is a lovely place to stay and open all year round. The next day of our destination was Milanova Koliba (open all year round). The hut right next to it (Meduprenje) is closed if you don't call in advance. There is apparently a key in Konjic you can borrow. Walked down to Vrutak Hut (is mostly closed, key is in Konjic as well). Further down the gps is wrong, just stay on the marked path, because if not you walk straight through mine suspected area. The map of the book 'Via Dinarica' from Tim Clancy has the same failure and leads through the dangerous area. If you reach a plateau (Tisovica) there are two big sign poles. The one closer to Vrutak is a Via Dinarica and the other one is an older one. Didn't realise that the Via Dinarica don't show in which direction you have to walk, but in which direction the destination lies. Just go straight to the older sign pole (which is the opposite direction of what the Via Dinarica sign shows) and then head left. Be aware that this path is not even on the map as a dashed line). We lost too much time in searching the path because of the wrong GPS and coupled with bad weather we decided to go back to Jezerce and then the next day back to Rujiste. You have rarely phone signal on Prenj, so plan all huts in advance. Would recommend to sleep in huts. Walked in the beginning of september and it was quite freezing at night. Even in huts you should have some good sleeping material, that you don't get cold.
Gotovo u septembar 03, 2018

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