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Via Dinarica BH-W-06 Planina Prenj


Liam Grace

oktobar 01, 2019 · Community
We hiked this section in August. Pull up from Jablanica was tough, its definitely worth staying at the campsite and starting from Ravna before attempting the climb to Meduprenje. Fill up on water here, most of the springs were dry even after heavy rain a few days earlier. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING POINT. We followed the trail after this the following day, and were aiming to stay in the Vrutak Mountain Hut. At roughly N43deg, 33' 51.1, E17deg 53' 13.1, the markers lead off down into the valley, away from where the GPS trail is directing you to go, straight across towards the hut. We decided to follow the GPS as it was leading in the direction we wanted to go and meant we wouldn't lose altitude going down into the valley. After covering some very difficult ground we eventually made it back onto the track, only to discover that we had walked within 50m of a marked minefield. We were annoyed at ourselves for almost ending up there but at the same time we did follow the laid down GPS path, which had up until then been more or less bang on the route. This danger area is noted in Tim Clancy’s Brandt Guide to the Via Dinarica but not on the website or app. Annoyingly there are plenty of warnings about the minefield after the hut on the way up to Zelena Glava. The GPS trail urgently needs to be updated in this section. STICK TO THE MARKED PATH AT ALL TIMES ON PRENJ MOUNTAIN. It’s a very tough but rewarding section of the Via Dinarica, worth doing for the view on top of Zelena Glava alone. Just be careful when you’re up there.
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