Via Dinarica BH-W-07 Ruište i Boračko jezero


Maruša Orel

juli 14, 2021 · Community
Boring hike on mostly gravel road, I was hiking as fast as possible because I wanted that it ends.😅 The only good thing about this stage is that it ends by Boračko lake. Needed 4h to Eko selo Boračko jezero. Nice pleace to pitch a tent, 10€/night (1person), lots of shade, amazing beach, great to swim and chill by the lake. Shop 10min from here, really small one. I passed by Kamp Boračko jezero and it was sooo crouded I just wanted to leave as soon as possible.
Gotovo u juli 13, 2021
Fotografija: Maruša Orel, Community
Fotografija: Maruša Orel, Community

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