Via Dinarica BH-W-10 Iz Ljute, oko Treskavice, do Kalinovika

juni 30, 2022 · Community
We actually started from the Vrela mountain hut in Tusila and ended at Kalinovik (quite a long day ~10 hours but definitely doable). For this stage from Ljuta we followed the gravel road all the way to Kalinovik and it probably took about 6-7 hours. Easy going, mine areas marked and on app just stick on the road, plenty of springs next to the road. Views are nice on the other side of mountain pass as you head down into kalinovik (last 8km or so). Important note: ATM in kalinovik not working, I understand bank is closing down (or maybe refurbished?) so cash not available here. We got a bus from Kalinovik to Saraejvo left at 6am (11 BAM, ~2 hours).

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