view over Trnovacko lake


Via Dinarica Bijela staza


Bernat Robert

novembar 03, 2018 · Community
I hiked approx 1/2 of the trail and I would not recommend hiking the whole trail as it's not maintained. Calling this a trail is possible probably only in Balkans. Slovenian part is no sense, a lot of dirt road. Croatian part.. I don't know where to start. It was an ice storm in Gorski kotar a couple of years ago and the existing "trail" is covered with fallen trees. Then a lot of dirt road, bush walking... You get an impression that nobody hiked there for ages. At the end of Velebit the trail stops (even thought you would thing, according to the gpx, that it continues to Gračac) due to landmines. Than Bosnian Prenj and Čvrsnica, again a lot of dirt road, some extremely steep paths that were unblocked only for the via Dinarica. So my advice, don't try to follow the trail; rathere choose some parts like Velebit, Dinara, Biokovo,Prenj, Čvrsnica, Maglić, Prokletije... You would barely find a mark that you are on via Dinarica indeed. Concluding, this is not a trail.

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