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Vladimir Mandić

avgust 24, 2019 · Community
Hello dear hiking friends! Since a few days I'm back from my Via Dinarica tour. I agree totally with Bernat Robert. To anticipate: this way is NOT (!!!) in reality. The paths are either not available (I do not want to speak of signage) or so overgrown that a normal hiking is not possible. So PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT want to go this way - it just does NOT exist. I am a very experienced and very persistent walker and had my own difficulties with a GPS device (Garmin etrex 30x). Not infrequently, I felt lost. Yes, also with GPS device! The GPS route provided by some websites is NOT really !!! existent. I loaded the gpx file to my Garmin etrex 30x and had to realize on the first day that this is just a route created on the PC. No one has hiked in recent years. It may be that there were (some) these ways once, but today (in August 2019) just not anymore. I also did everything as video material as evidence. Who says anything else does not mean this trail. One can not imagine how disappointed and above all angry at the makers of this tour was / am. The trails are nonexistent. Here is advertised for something that does NOT exist. Imagine that hikers from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the US ... get there, and realize on the first day that there is no such way. I do not want to imagine their disappointment not to speak of other emotions. These countries do not!? know hikers. They confuse hiker with immigrants. And immigrants consider them criminals. I was treated so permanently, even though I speak the local language. It sounds unbelievable, but I had to cancel my tour because I feared for my safety. TOTALLY NOT RECOMMENDED!!! Yours sincerely, Vladimir Mandić
Gotovo u avgust 24, 2019

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Václav Malinský
avgust 26, 2019 · Community
I went the whole Via Dinarica last year. With the vast majority I must agree with you. But on the other hand, if you want to experience a real adventure, Via Dinarica is ideal. If you want a smooth passage of the trail, go somewhere where thousands of people have gone before you - PCTs, etc. By the way, I went 44 days - 1400 km. Some sections were really hard, but it was w
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