Black Lake


Via Dinarica CG-W-02 Durmitor Mountain

juli 29, 2021 · Community
First 7km is gravel road and then you have asphalt road until Sušičko lake (without water in it). You have nice views from many parts of the road, many wild strawberries and raspberries, so it wasn't so bad :) Guesthouse Nedajno has nice rooms, 15€/pp with veeeery good breakfast, food is also amazingly good.😅 Meals are very cheap (aprox 5€), but other things are quite expensive (very small salad 2.5€, homemade juice 2€).Woman is so nice and friendly, we felt amazing at their place. But unfortunatelly in the morning her doughter came and was so rude to us, that she ruined all the magical experince we had.😦 There is good water source, constant running water by Sušičko lake. You pay 3€ fee for n.p. Durmitor. You can also take water from Škrčko lake (we filtered it). Nice place for a break :) Trail to Planinica steep, but without problems if you go up. Nice view on the top. You have some nice places to pitch a tent when you start descending from the top, but you can also sleep at the top. You pass by some ponds. Tables and benches by Zminje lake, small water source. You have good water source just few hundred metters before you come to the restaurant, right after you cross the bridge on the left side of the trail. Lake is nice for a swim :)
Gotovo u juli 28, 2021
Fotografija: Maruša Orel, Community

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