Via Dinarica HR-W-01 Prezid - Čabar - Tršće


Maruša Orel

maj 25, 2021 · Community
You can stay in Babno polje, before entering Croatia (, you need to make a reservation). Trail Spomenik u Tratinskoj Dragi-Čabar. The first half is terrible! Not a lot of markings, trees everywhere. Take more time for this part, because you're gonna hike slow. It tried to follow the route and I needed to climb the trees all the time. After I had enough I went down to river bed (without water) and I hiked on it. That was great decision. I think it's the best that you follow the river bed frow the part that trail become very difficult. Then you come to what seems like the end of river bed (it would take some effort to climb it). River bed goes futher, but it's much smaller. If you come here, turn around, go back a little bit and then turn to the left and you will come on original trail and you'll see the markings. From here trail is much better and you can relax a little bit :) Trail Čabar - Vrhovci: there is no trail after the cemetery (see photo). You can just hike in the forest where it looks fine until you come to the road or you can walk all the way around on that road). I stayed in a hut in Frbežari, very nice owner and sooo cheap-one night plus huge dinner with dessert, pancakes with coffe for breakfast, one rakija and a glass of wine for just 86kuna! Amazing! It's better to call before, just to be sure he's there (Vlatko 00385915146158)
Gotovo u maj 23, 2021
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