Izvor Kupe


Via Dinarica HR-W-02 Tršće - Sveta gora - Izvor Kupe - Crni Lug


Frantisek Kalab

juli 31, 2020 · Community
The area is pretty amazing with very deep valleys and nice hilltops. Kupa river spring is very cool and you can drink it :). As others have indicated there’s an issue with the trail after Svetla gora church. Going down I didn’t find it and took the gravel road instead, going up to Hrib the original trail is non existent . I think there is a newer and better path if you go about 200 meters further down the road and then make a right in the curve (but I unfortunately didn’t take it and stuck to the original route :( ). Robinzonski camp up at Hrib is just the nicest place with the kindest people that really love nature and are very supportive for hikers, took a rest day here and had a really calm time and got a lot of knowledge from the owners Mladen and Saňa. After Razloge theres a long road walk with the last 3km on a very busy road, would be super cool and safer if at least this part had a better alternative. Cerny Lug has a shop, post office (open mon, wed, fri, 13:30 - 14:30) and a bar (closed 14-16)
Gotovo u juli 31, 2020
Fotografija: Frantisek Kalab, Community
Fotografija: Frantisek Kalab, Community
Fotografija: Frantisek Kalab, Community

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