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Via Dinarica HR-W-03 Nationalpark Risnjak


Frantisek Kalab

avgust 03, 2020 · Community
Risnjak is a beautiful park and summit:). I followed the Horvath’s path up which starts with a gravel road but soon enough turns into a beautiful trail in the forest. At Bela Vodica (entry to the park) there’s a bar and a camp (not really hiker vibes there and costs €12) I stayed there as the hut at the top was closed for the season due to covid and the park rangers convinced me that the weather is not safe to go up and camp that afternoon. There’s no water source on the way up thru the park and also not when going down if the hut is closed. I also share the concerns about the road walk to Crny Lug, def more dangerous than a bear encounter, would be great if it could be avoided in future.
Gotovo u avgust 01, 2020
Fotografija: Frantisek Kalab, Community
Fotografija: Frantisek Kalab, Community

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The Adventur'ours
avgust 18, 2020 · Community
Was it closed due to covid 19 ? Be correct please ! the woman who runs the hut resigned if i am not mistaken.
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