VIdik s Kize


Via Dinarica HR-W-13 Dabri und Dabarski kukovi

avgust 01, 2022 · Community
Advice for this section would be to follow markings rather than GPS, although GPS is useful on some places when forest tracks have cut across path. Path ahead at Ripnovac no longer exists (we couldn't see it!) so just need to choose your route from there (a few options). Route from there fairly straight forward. Camped at Kamp Velebit. Great campsite with all the facilities you might want (washing, showers, wifi, raki!!). Campsite owner and team very friendly, and good on advice for next stage including water sources. They even picked up some groceries for us from Gospic. Decent cafe in Baske Ostarije and a cheese and yogurt shop, just behind the cafe (open 7am to 8pm everyday) - not to be missed!

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