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Shpella e Dragobise (Cave of Bajram Curri)

Planinarska staza · Albania
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  • The Cave of Bajram Curri
    The Cave of Bajram Curri
    Fotografija: Catherine Bohne , Via Dinarica
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Shpella e Dragobisë was the last known hideout of the Kosovar rebel Bajram Curri.
Dužina 7 km
4:00 sati
482 m
482 m
1.100 m
650 m
The Dragobi “cave” is where Kosovar freedom-fighter Bajram Curri and his band of men holed up in the winter of 1925, on the lam from King Zog. Zog, pushed by the Italians, objected to Bajram's efforts to call for a reunification of Kosova and Albania. The 'Cave' is actually a rock formation buried deep in the forest of MasKollata, making a natural sort of fortress. Curri and his men were here in deep winter, hiding until a hunter's dogs found them. Story is that as the soldiers grew nearer, Bajram Curri and his men shot themselves, rather than be captured.
Profile picture of Catherine Bohne
Catherine Bohne
Ažurirano: juni 12, 2017
Najviša tačka
1.100 m
Najniža tačka
650 m
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There is an extremely healthy (and prolific!) family of Brown Bears here, and we have the pictures to prove it!  Being that we KNOW they’re having babies, they may be more aggressive than usual.

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Connects with the Bregu i Lumit Poshtëm trail at the bottom, and the Prroni i Picimalit and Zhari i Bjezhz trails at the eastern end.  We recommend the Prroni i Picimalit trail if you don’t want to come back the same way.

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42.459522, 19.921941
42°27'34.3"N 19°55'19.0"E
34T 411362 4701361
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In keeping with the secret, hidey-hole nature of the cave, the trailhead is likewise buried in the forest, but the shortest way to approach it is from the footbridge at Relax restaurant in MasKollata. Alternately, the footbridge is 1.5 km from Rilindja. From the footbridge, follow the red footpath trailmarkers 600m east where you'll find the trailhead sign. The steepest part of the trail is the beginning, so persevere! 800m up you find a trail junction sign. Turn right and follow the yellow trail marks uphill to the cave. The rock formation is a sort of circle formed by enormous boulders in the front, and a back wall of jagged-toothed rock. The trail goes up the boulders to the right and drops you down into the shelter of the “cave.” To depart you have to claw your way uphill and around the back wall of the formation, then turn left and follow the marks back down to “Tela e Syles,” where long ago there was a small shepherd's stan. There is usually a signpost here, but for some reason the Brown Bears really hate it (or love it) and are always pulling it out of the ground. Either take a sharp left to come back the way you came completing the loop, or carry on more or less straight downhill and to the right to return via the Picimalit River. Either way, you're following red and yellow trailmarkers. Do note that this area, on top of being spooky, is pretty much heaving with Brown Bears. They won't bother you if they hear you coming (so sing!) but it's fun to look for signs of them flipping rocks and scratching their backs on trees. Known communication trees are indicated on the map. There has also been a white-backed woodpecker spotted here.


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42.459522, 19.921941
42°27'34.3"N 19°55'19.0"E
34T 411362 4701361
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7 km
4:00 sati
482 m
482 m
Najviša tačka
1.100 m
Najniža tačka
650 m
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