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Stunning Hiking Route on Bjelasnica and Visocica Mountain Ranges

Planinarska staza · Dinaric Mountains
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Green Visions
  • Lukomir stecci
    Lukomir stecci
    Fotografija: Elma Okic, Via Dinarica
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A 4 - 5 day signature trek from the hussle and bussle of Sarajevo to the isolated and traditional highland villages on Igman, Bjelasnica, and Visocica mountain ranges.
Dužina 68,7 km
24:15 sati
4.061 m
3.349 m
2.059 m
508 m

Explore the inland of three Sarajevo mountains, Igman, Bjelasnica & Visocica; an area that is yet to be discovered by many hikers.

On this adventure, you’ll find a playground for active travellers: Spectacular limestone peaks; glacier lakes; amazing views; colourful wildflowers; medieval villages; and gracious, welcoming culture. Come and explore Bjelasnica Olympic Mountain: a stunning area located at the heart of the Dinaric Alps. During your trek, you’ll experience exceptional views and witness some of the most impressive sunsets in this corner of Europe. 

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Take your time. The entire track can easily be walked in 4-5 days, but rather than rushing it, why not stay a few days longer, to thoroughly take in this diverse and beautiful landscape.
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Thierry Joubert 
Ažurirano: novembar 24, 2021
Najviša tačka
Observatory, Bjelasnica, 2.059 m
Najniža tačka
Hrasnica, 508 m
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Planinarski dom Vrela
Planinarski dom Stanari

Sigurnosne informacije

The entire route is well marked with our (red and white circles or stripes) mountain trail symbols. Follow these and you can be sure you follow the mountain trail.

Savjeti, naznake i linkovi

The water springs are potable and safe to drink, just be sure to have a water container big enough to refill.

Startna tačka

The town of Hrasnica (508 m)
43.795712, 18.310934
43°47'44.6"N 18°18'39.4"E
34T 283664 4852698

Krajnje odredište

Visocica mountain range

Smjernice za skretanja

The first part of the walk retraces the route many Sarajevans had to endure to gain freedom during the 1992-1995 war years. This hike is a true pilgrimage. The hike is initially steep as it climbs through beech and spruce forests. You slowly rise above the Sarajevo basin and make your way through thick forests with remnants of a field hospital, lone mountain mosque and several mountain huts before you arrive at Igman, home to the 1984 Olympic cross country skiing venue. The trail continues past Igman plateau (partially through the forest), gently climbing some more (approximately an hour) before arriving at Bjelasnica Olympic downhill ski area and Babin Do valley.

From the ski resort, follow the asphalt road until you reach a roundabout. Take the second exit, continuing on an emergency road that climbs to the left of the ski slopes and slowly starts to rise above the ski resort. The trail goes through beech forest and comes out at a grassed plateau. Cross the plateau to the steep slope going up to the top of the ski lifts. Continue following red and white markers up a steep but steady zig-zagging trail to the highest summit of Bjelasnica mountain, Observatory (2,067m).

From here the trail goes through green Bjelasnica pastures. In about 3 hours you will reach Stanari Mountain Hut great place to stay and rest. From Stanari hut the route continues over Bjelasnica ridge, toward Ljeljen peaks (1,938m) and Greda pass in direction of Umoljani village. Once you depart Stanari, walk along the right side of the small village of Mrtvanje and make your way towards the interior of Bjelasnica. Along the way, you may meet the occasional shepherd with his sheep grazing on the steep slopes of Bjelasnica. The view along the valley trail is endless; during summer filled with yellow and purple flowers and soft mountain grasses. After an hour and a half begin a gradual climb to Greda, a beautiful pass in between Krvavac (Bjelasnica’s second-highest peak 2,062 m.) and Debela Brda (1,987m). At the pass, today’s prize is grand views of Bjelasnica’s highest peaks, Treskavica, Visocica, Zelengora, Jahorina mountains.

Descend a steep slope from Greda pass following a zigzagging trail down to the water source of Grkarica fountain, a true lifesaver in the warm months of summer. Leaving the source behind begin to walk through the long valley and up the Crveni klanac pass. After hours of empty mountainous terrain, arrive at the beautiful summer village of Gradina where you can buy honey, tea and other handmade goods during the summer and fall. From Gradina follow the white and red markers down the hill to Umoljani village. At a small wayside park, turn right and follow the main village road to a sign pointing to Umoljani.

From Umoljani village go in a southerly direction towards the mosque to leave the village. Follow the red and white circle markers in the village to get to the trail that takes you to Studeni Potok and then constantly by the edge of the canyon to Lukomir village, the highest inhabited village in Bosnia. Fro mLukomir you cross to Visocica mountain, with a descent of slope more than 800m into Rakitnica river canyon, one of the last and least explored areas in the whole region. From there, after crossing the old suspension bridge, you ascent the opposite side of the canyon to Bobovica village and further over grassy meadows to Vrela Mountain Hut, a great place to stay.
This hut offers not only overnight and food but provides information, great service, as the place is run by experienced hikers for hikers.

The ridge of the Vito peak (1,960m), the highest point of the last part of this route, is visible in the distance. Vito peak is extremely elegant with some stunning 360-degree views making the climb to the top very worthwhile.

After about two hours (or a bit more) you will reach the top. But before that, you'll walk through open meadows and thick beech forest up the steep slopes all the way to the peak of Vito (1,960m). Open sky and 360 degrees wide and faraway views are that one is going to be rewarded for this effort. A narrow ridge hike is what follows and is a great satisfaction only to those not afraid of heights and steep mountain slopes. Having reached a peak of Drstva (1,808m), the trail continues by ridge for a short while and then turns down to the right into the visible amphitheatre below the ridge. Before entering the forest you will pass a water spring. Follow the direction of the arrow and enter the forest. In about 30-45 minutes you will reach the main road, 10 minutes away from Vrela Mountain Hut. 

This entire route can easily be done in 4-5 days, staying at mountain huts and small village pensions. 

However, if you take a few days longer, you can enjoy these stunning region even more.


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Javni transport

A regular bus line #27, drives very frequently from Ilidza terminal to the Hrasnica suburb, from where the hiking route starts.

minibus line #85, drives from the village of Sinanovici to Ilidza terminal, five days a week (except Wednesday & Thursday).


43.795712, 18.310934
43°47'44.6"N 18°18'39.4"E
34T 283664 4852698
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations

Map: Bjelasnica - Igman, published by Geodetski zavod u Sarajevu (1:50 000) 


Hiking boots recommended/Sturdy walking shoes, flashlight, pocket knife, sunglasses, sun cream, 1,5 liter of water, personal hygiene kit, fleece/jumper, rain gear, towel, change of clothes (e.g. dry socks, T-shirt& underwear, trousers), 40 -60 liter backpack.

Pitanja i odgovori

Question from Benni Khaykin · decembar 04, 2021 · Community
is this trip safe to do during the winter?
prikaži više
Answered by Thierry Joubert  · decembar 04, 2021 · Green Visions
It's doable, but gets technical along the ridges. You'll need crampons and an ice ax on Bjelašnica and on the section from Drstva to Vito. Best to do it on tour skis or snowshoes. Also be aware that most of the mountain huts only operate during the summer and weekends, and everyone has left the village of Lukomir. Arrangements can be made for accommodation in Stanari, Umoljani and Tusila.


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68,7 km
24:15 sati
4.061 m
3.349 m
Najviša tačka
2.059 m
Najniža tačka
508 m
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