View on Busko Lake


Via Dinarica BH-W-01 Put Gospi Sinjskoj


Kristen Perry

14.07.2018 · Community
Easy road walking from the border to Buško jezero and Prisoje. The white/yellow Lady of Sinj markers take good shortcuts around the road. There is a good supermarket, Kamensko d.o.o, just off-route past the border. The petrol station shop a few kilometres further on is very small; nice pizzeria with wifi after that. We camped by the lakeside past Marinovac plaza for two nights. Past here, there are multiple cafés and another slightly bigger shop. Some of the tracks shown on MAPS.ME which would avoid the main road are under water. Bošnjak household was amazing, lovely rooms and shower, happy to cater vegetarian for us! 25€ two people, full board.

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