View from Bregoč peak


Via Dinarica BH-W-10 via Lelija and Zelengora Mountain to Sutjeska National Park

22.07.2021 · Community
Nice trail across Zelengora. First 8km you have gravel road, on 8,9km is a spring. Trail on Velika Lelija is signed good and visible. When you return from the peak be carefull to follow the right signs (there are three signed trails at junction under Velika Lelija). Looks like trail that's signed goes around a little bit, so I followed gps track. But soon they match and it's quite easy to follow the signs to Štirinsko (needed some help from gps tracks, one part pretty overgrown) and Orlovačko lake. From there I followed signed trail on Bregoč-I turned right at 23,2km and it was really nice, easy to follow trail to the top. From there I followed the signs (easy to follow) until the beggining of ascent to Uglješin. Here I couldn't find the trail so I just went straight up and hiked on the best looking terrain to the peak. From there you have a visible trail to Gornje bare lake, where I camped for the night. Water from the lake was warm so I filtered it twice (Sawyer+pill). It was a long day, but duable (and I followed wrong trail from Velika Lelija and did aprox 6km and 500m elevation extra). There is a nice trail directly from Gornje bare lake to Dolnje bare lake. Good water source (spring) by Dolnje bare hut.
Gemacht am 22.07.2021
Foto: Maruša Orel, Community
Foto: Maruša Orel, Community
Foto: Maruša Orel, Community
Foto: Maruša Orel, Community
Foto: Maruša Orel, Community

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