Via Dinarica HR-W-01 Prezid - Čabar - Tršće

17.09.2021 · Community
We slept in bife kod marta(other name on Google) in Kozji vrh, really good local food( 30€/pp dinner-night-breakfast) Market in Cabar was closed (definitely ?) We slept in frbezari hut near Trsce, owner very kind, good food (20€/pp beer-dinner-night-breakfast). No WiFi. In Trsce, shop, atm, post office. What we did for the tricky part in the forest : - follow marks and gps until you reach the little river bed - follow the gps track and the the river bed - at some point it gets too difficult to progress, we went down and continued in the river bed - when the river bed goes in the forest again, go 20m back and turn left. The path is ok then. For the cementery path (after Cabar): - enter and cross the cementery - don t follow gps track ! - exit by the small gate at the bottom right ( you will see the mark) - after the gate you enter the forest on your left and take time to see each mark on trees and path on the ground - first part is difficult because it's overgrown but after it is ok to reach the road, then take left (you will meet the gps track a bit further)

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