Izvor Kupe


Via Dinarica HR-W-02 Tršće - Sveta gora - Izvor Kupe - Crni Lug

25.05.2021 · Community
Caretaker in Planinska kuća Frbežari recommended me diffetent route from Crkva Male gospe and it was a very good idea. I recommend. So after you see the chuch you go back a little bit from where you came from (in the way to Kraljev vrh). And you will see very soon the sign to Zamost on the right. Here turn right and follow this route. It's not really maintained, but it's marked very good, so it's quite easy to follow. I didn't have any problems following it. Then you come to Zamost and you walk on the asphalt road to the bridge that crosses Kupa (in the way to Hrvatsko, but you don't go there). Before you go on the bridge, turn right on the nice turist path that goes along Kupa. At Tratinčica you can sleep and eat.
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