Velika Javornica s Razbijenog vrha


Via Dinarica HR-W-07 Auf dem Kapela-Bergwanderweg Richtung Meer


Frantisek Kalab

10.08.2020 · Community
The environment is awesome but low rating goes to the trail which is almost non existent in the first part until Stalak (water) and then a few small parts at the end, close to Zelena duliba. It’s marked okish, so you can make it with some gps help. Unfortunately Zelena duliba hut was in a really bad state when I arrived. Trash everywhere and even in the well there was some garbage and something that looked like a white animal skull. Water is still cold and clear but I only took some to filter in case of emergency. Gave me really bad feeling and would definitely not sleep there.
Gemacht am 09.08.2020
Foto: Frantisek Kalab, Community
Foto: Frantisek Kalab, Community
Inside Zelena duliba
Foto: Frantisek Kalab, Community

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