trail towards Veliki Sneznik


Via Dinarica Slovenija Postojna via Snežnik to Prezid


Frantisek Kalab

29.07.2020 · Community
Just finished this part and really liked it (note that the route was updated and this section has different path compared to the map/gpx for full white trail, not sure why). There’s quite a lot of travel on gravel roads but I didn’t really mind since the nature was amazing, some asphalt roads, that makes it only 4*. Around Sneznik there definitely are bears (see photo), locals advised me to be a bit more noisy in the forest when walking alone and if you spot a bear make sure to respectfully avoid them or go back the way you came, I didn’t hang my food when camping wild and was told that bears avoid humans in the night as well. Most of the trail was well marked, not directly as VD but wasn’t really using the map too much. There was more places to shop food and water pumps in villages than I expected. Natural highlight for me were the Skocjan caves, just magical and accessible for anyone without tours or entry fees. I stayed at a hut on Slivnica mountain — super friendly, great food and views — and at Sviscaki (under Sneznik peak) — very cool little village with great hospitality. On the other hand I wouldn’t really recommend staying at Volčje lake as it’s super touristy and not really special. If you want to stay in a youth hostel there is one in Nova Vas called Old School Villa — I think the one in the description here is on the old trail, this one is the only one at the Bloke plateau. When I am back I might add more details/gpx waypoints to
Gemacht am 29.07.2020
Foto: Frantisek Kalab, Community
Foto: Frantisek Kalab, Community
Foto: Frantisek Kalab, Community

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