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Beautiful demanding round tour on Mt Visočica from Tušila to Džamija

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This is a rather strenuous round walk which requires a high level of fitness. You will cover over 20 km and climb over 1300m in altitude.
Strecke 21 km
9:00 h
1.320 hm
1.320 hm

Džamija, the highest peak of Mt Visočica (1967 MASL) is not frequently visited, mostly due to its remoteness. The walk starts in Tušila, via a macadam road through Sinanovići, then heads towards the peaks of Mt Visočica.

The road leads through Jelenjača, where a lake is formed in springtime towards the foot of Puzim. To the right, underneath Crveni kuk, the road leads to Bojadžin dol, where you can see stećak tombstones. There are three fountains along the way. The first one is called Mandino vrelo and can be found just below Crveni kuk, the other two are known as the Biber brothers' fountains, and they're located a kilometre down the road. Go uphill from the stećak tombstones in Bojadžin dol towards another necropolis at Jezera. Topographic maps show about ten springs on this plateau, but most of them go dry in early summer leaving behing unpotable puddles. To your left are the peaks Mali Ljeljen, Veliki Ljeljen and Džamija in the distance. The ascent to Džamija is rather difficult and is covered in boulders.

The return route is via Parić, along the ridge to Vito and back to Tušila. To climb Parić you may take the grassy ascent or the more difficult route up the rocky slope. You reach Vito across the ridge, descend the amphitheatre and go back to Tušila via the marked trail.

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Höchster Punkt
1.955 m
Tiefster Punkt
1.214 m


Mountain lodge Vrela, Tušila
Intermittent spring


The route is technically undemanding (though it does require a high level of fitness) and there is no risk of landmines.

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Tušila (1.214 m)
43.621412, 18.254635
43°37'17.1"N 18°15'16.7"E
34T 278493 4833487


Džamija peak


From Tušila proceed to Sinanovići on the asphalt road, then turn right on the road leading to Bjelimići. After about a kilometre you'll reach Jelenjača, a valley on the right. In springtime there's a great lake there. Go down to the valley and continue south, parallel with the road which is now on your left. At the end of the valley enter the grove and follow the marked trail to the foot of the imposing summit of Puzim. Descend on the road and cross the bridge to the fountain at the foot of Crveni kuk. Proceed up the road which goes uphill for a bit, then meanders down to the fountain called Bibera česma. From the fountain continue across the meadow (to avoid the serpentines), then go downhill towards the road and the stećak tombstones. Cross the road by the stećaks and go uphill to the west. There is another necropolis on the top in Jezera. There are at least ten springs in the valley, but most of them go dry in summer. Cross the valley and in its western corner find the marker pointing uphill, up the rocky trail to the peak Džamija.

On your way back, when you come back to the valley, go to the northern part and climb up the grassy slope to the peak Parić. Walk along the ridge to the peak Vito, then to the east, to Mokre stijene, and descend to the amphitheatre down the marked trail. Pass by the forest and the spring and walk along the marked trail to Tušila.


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Van to Sinanovići.


Take M18 to Krupac, and just after the quarry turn right onto R442a towards Mt Bjelašnica and Mt Igman. When you reach Hotel Maršal on Bjelašnica continue straight ahead, then descend all the way down to Šabići. From Šabići continue to the right till you reach the junction where the road to Umoljani branches off. Turn left across the bridge and continue straight all the way to Tušila.


Park at the lay-by.


43.621412, 18.254635
43°37'17.1"N 18°15'16.7"E
34T 278493 4833487
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad


Standard mountaineering equipment, in accordance with the weather.

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21 km
9:00 h
1.320 hm
1.320 hm


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