Mountains of Montenegro - Žabljak via Sinjavina to Biogradska gora

August 06, 2021 · Community
Asfalt road at the beginning, then you have mostly gravel road. Trail is on some parts really nice, scenery is mostly grassy fields, which are a nightmare in lowcut shoes (a lot of grass inside which is really painfull). No visible trail on Veliki Kurozeb. Those small villages with katuns are very beautiful, especially Okrugljak. I saw a sign for some accommodations in Njeguvuđa (on photo). I think this shelter location katun Okrugljak is wrong, because there is a signbook by the church on the hill on Okrugljak. It's really nice to stop there for a break, you have a nice shade under the roof (on photo). Be carefull with water around Veliki Kurozeb, because there is not a lot of it. You can ask for it in some houses in Pašino polje, but it's off the trail and I don't know if people live there the whole year. There is a small spot for a tent on Veliki Kurozeb. Right after a descent from Veliki Kurozeb there are people in two houses, but they live there just during the summer. We asked them for water, because there is none around. They need to bring it with a car. There is a good spring right next to Zabojsko lake (on the map). We slept by those katuns that Jérémy is mentioning in a comment, nice place, you need to go of the trail at the sign for water on a rock. There is a good spring few minutes by walk below katuns. In Okrugljak there are springs as well. Planinarski dom Ckara was closed, but you can pitch your tent and you can find very good spring close to it-go to the toilet and then take a trail to the right, just few min to it. Because of previous comments we left a trail at 63km and stayed on main gravel road. There you can find another good water source. In Mojkovac there are few big supermarkets, water (on map). I can recommend eating in a bakery at 67,35km, very cheap and good food-two bureks, one baklava and one ice-cream for less than 4eur. Good water source almost at the end of the trail-Vrioca. Hut Džambas was closed.
When did you do this route? August 02, 2021
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community

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