Via Dinarica BH-W-10 from Ljuta around Treskavica Mountain to Kalinovik City

October 15, 2022 · Community
Lots of gravel road walking in the first part, but trail became really nice after the turn to the Lukavac Mountain. Since my GPS was broken, I had to stick to the markings, which unfortunately disappeared after descending the mountain. I followed one of the multiple tracks, going more or less in the right direction, until trail marking appeared again. I followed these markings through a beautiful open and - later on - forested landscape, meeting the main trail again south of Vlaholje, so skipping some asphalt road. GPX @ As already mentioned, Kalinovik is a bit unfriendly, with no ATM, however a postoffice where one could withdraw money. Also great noodle soup for sale in one of the grocery shops. The friendly Lalovic family is 100% recommended!
When did you do this route? July 03, 2022

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