View from Bregoč peak


Via Dinarica BH-W-11 via Lelija and Zelengora Mountain to Sutjeska National Park


Kristen Perry

July 14, 2018 · Community
Really beautiful, quiet mountains! The terrain over Lelija is fine, slow-going where the grass gets a bit tufty around Visoka glavica. We camped by Štirinsko jezero; there's a small bench beside the lake (water from there too). Shelter at Orlovačko well-stocked with firewood, looked clean and warm; spring behind the kuća. GPS route up Zelengora towards Bregoč doesn't match the trail markers or the most obvious trodden path, so keep an eye on the map, or old dots may lead you off course to other peaks. Route from Bregoč to just before the summit of Ugljesin is also poorly marked, but navigation is easy along the ridgeside and saddles. We camped by Gornge Bare jezero (water from the lake). Very short, easy walk from Gornge Bare to Donje Bare kuća, where there is water near the kuća and a picnic shelter.

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