View from Bregoč peak


Via Dinarica BH-W-11 via Lelija and Zelengora Mountain to Sutjeska National Park


Maxo Pl.

July 17, 2021 · Community
Refill at the camp site, beautiful trail along Stirinsko jezero. wanted to camp there, a storm forced me to keep going. Slept on the Veranda of the Orlovacko jezero kuca. That already mentioned annoying neighbour watched me too but left me alone. 2,5l Refill there, weather conditions about 16° so I just needed 1l. Trail to Bregoc signed with signposts, due to bad experiences I don't trust the GPS trail anymore. Way around Uglijesin confusing, I advice to always aim on the ridge till you reach the peak. Nice stage ending at the donje bare hut, of course closed like usual without appointment (starts to piss me off, very disappointing). Kept going the 10km descent to the street (very easy hike), instead of following the trail then, I moved to a nice camping site in Popov most (1h detour on flat street) due to bad weather next 2 days. They have a small shop for resupply and nice little bungalows for 30KM. 3 Restaurants along the way.
Photo: Maxo Pl., Community
Photo: Maxo Pl., Community
Photo: Maxo Pl., Community
Photo: Maxo Pl., Community

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Maruša Orel
July 18, 2021 · Community
Hehe, I guess you haven't learned yet that you need to call in advance for every mountain hut😅
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