Via Dinarica HR-W-05 Fužine - Mrkopalj

May 06, 2022 · Community
Lič: bar, water & (very) small grocery. We camped in Lič, near the chapel. No water there but a "roof", making the wild camping more confortable with the rain. We walked to Tuk. There are several trails well marked. As it was raining all day, we took a shortcut straight to "mount Bitoraja" (marked) instead of climbing Viševica. Too bad for the rain. The forest and path are amazing. We saw few animals. Night in "Dom Bijene Stijene" **UPDATE** there is hot shower now ! And prices have rised up: 200 hrk bfast included. And dinner possible if asked before. But very warming welcoming !!!!
When did you do this route? May 06, 2022

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