Via Dinarica HR-W-16 Southern Velebit (III) – route to Struge

March 29, 2020 · Community
Hi All, I am a planning a trip with 8 person on this route and I am a little bit afraid that Stap - Struge part would be a little bit too long in one day for our group. Could you please help if there is any hut/shelter in Veliko Rujno? Many Thanks, Axel

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Answered by Matthias Umpfenbach · March 29, 2020 · Community
Hi Axel, as I remember there was no hut in Veliko Rujno. All the cottages hereabout seem to be private. At the church is a cistern with water. If you have tents it’s possible to pitch it around there. We came from Struge down to Veliko Rujno. On that way there was a sign somewhere here (44.3637400,15.4587300) witch point to Ivančev dom alpin hut (detour 1h20m) (fon +385 98 937 8577) There is also Paklenica Hut (fon: +385 23 301 636) Both huts are not on your way to struge :( From Malo Rujno (44.3724200,15.3872400) is a way to Planinarsko Sklonište Zavrata. Take a look over there: By the way: The Cistern at Struge was filled with ugly water. You will find a cistern with good water 1km away here (44.3800776,15.4762081,101 Ličko-senjska županija) All the best for you trip We liked it Matthias with Linus
Photo: Matthias Umpfenbach, Community
Photo: Matthias Umpfenbach, Community
Photo: Matthias Umpfenbach, Community
Answered by Maruša Orel · June 19, 2021 · Community
I just hiked this trail. There should be one sklonište by the church in Veliko Rujno, but was closed. Anyway, hiker in comments wrote that it's a really small one, for two people. But place around church is really nice, perfect to pitch a tent. So maybe think about carying tents with you or leave tents in that place before going on hiking. Nice gravel road leades to that place.
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
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