Kameni monolit na Poštaku


Via Dinarica HR-W-20 Gračac - Zrmanja - Krka


Lenka Syrovatkova

September 06, 2017 · Community
Road walking (not that busy road) plus some offroad as well. Čardak, Oklinak - quite ok, some logging activity so some parts of trail are bit difficult. No marked trail to Oklinak, but easy to hike on grassy hills. We slept close to the road (after trail joined the main road), there is some water (treatment needed). I recommend staying on road till Knin and not trying to hike via Otonski Gaj to Oton. There is very dense bush and we couldn't make our way through it.
Completed this Route on June 29, 2017
Water source
Water source
Photo: Lenka Syrovatkova, Community
No trail, only thick bush to Oton
Photo: Lenka Syrovatkova, Community
Stay rather on road
Photo: Lenka Syrovatkova, Community

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