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Via Dinarica HR-W-20 Gračac - Zrmanja - Krka


Jean-Marc Souchon

June 23, 2018 · Community
Due to the comments of Lenka, I took the option of avoiding Oton and going via Radljevac (avoiding the road), Vještice, Pribudić to cross the river to Zrmanja Velo . From Knin to Zrmanja Velo, I walked 27 kilometers with the first half mainly on trails and the second half on gravel roads. I then followed more or less the GPS track of the Via Dinarica except direct from Zrmanja Velo to the gravel road that goes up to join the main road and I took a gravel road along the north slope of Oklinak summit. To join Gračac, I followed a track (OpenStreet Map map) that goes through fields between the road and the railway. They had not yet mowed the meadows and the path was overgrown with grasses. Water in Bender (between Radljevac and Vještice). Beautiful fountain in Zrmanja Velo by the roadside. No water then and no house.

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