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Via Dinarica White Trail

October 01, 2019 · Community
I've hiked the Via Dinarica white trail during 5 weeks (late june to early august 2019), from Krivi Put in Croatia (as advised by Eva) and stopped due to time schedule after Prenj (Bosnia-i-Herzegovina). TLDR: I loved it! I am a 35yo french guy travelling alone. I have never felt unsafe on this trip. I have seen no bear, no wolf, only 1 or 2 poskok, 2 or 3 thicks. The main dangers were: - lack of water: every shelter had water. else if you spot a ruin, they generally have an old water reservoir (not indicated on the map), finally you can ask people living in the area. Be aware that in summer the springs located on the map are generally dry!! Rule of thumb: have a filter and a 6 meters light rope, and be ready to carry up to 3 liters some days. - heatstroke: in the worst cases I had to stop hiking at noon and resume at 6pm - wind: the 'bora' can be nasty - getting lost: you can't hike the Via Dinarica without a good GPS (a tough phone with GPS and Glonass worked for me) because you will often get lost (e.g overgrown paths that are not visible anymore) During my hike I've met only 4 Via Dinarica hikers. Two going south: a german guy, a friendly retired man from USA, and 2 going north from Albania: an australian guy, a 20yo young czech woman. Nobody seemed traumatized like Vladimir (see previous comment), they were enjoying. Via Dinarica is not easy, it is adventure, far from tourist areas, and this is exactly what I loved. Landscapes have been gorgeous, every one I've met has been super friendly and most of the time with a perfect english! I loved the feeling in the quiet remote villages, out-of-time, self-sufficient, so peaceful. The only thing I really disliked (and this was shared among the other hikers) is that some section include a looooot of hiking on road... which is so boring even if the surroundings are beautiful. (South bound) My advice is to hike the croatian section from Krivi Put to Gračac (it includes Velebit, Paklenica), then take public transports and resume hiking around Mrkodol/Bukovica in BiH. Cheers! :-) (instagram: sulpeb)
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