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Via Dinarica White Trail

September 13, 2021 · Community
VD White Trail Montengro What a pleasure it has been! Montenegro embraced us with stunning mountains, deep and steep canyons, vast plains and delicious blue berries. We enjoyed every bit of it and would definitely recommend this part of the VD WT. Thanks to all the volunteers for their work! NOTES: - We hiked the Via Dinarica White Trail only in Montenegro, SOBO, in September 2021 - In general the trail is well marked, but a GPX is still advised as a guideline for parts where you have to search for signs more. At times the GPX deviates from the markings, but nothing too serious and they always come together. - This trail crosses at unofficial border points. - We crossed the BiH-MNE border after Brod (near Foca). From Brod it is around 30 km on asphalt to Piva HE (where you are on the trail again). When we were there the road was quiet and especially in MNE rather beautiful. - We crossed the MNE-AL border 8 km east of Vermosh (official). For the MNE-AL-RKS border you can apply for a permit to cross through the mountain peaks. More information here: - It would be nice if also this last bit of the VD would get a separate section here in OA, so that more specific feedback can be given. - As it is not possible to add waypoints to the route in OA, we added POI (such as waterpoints, rest areas etc) directly in OSM (through PRACTICALITIES: - Food: we got resupplies in: Brod (BiH)- Zabljak - Mojkovac - Andrijevica (off route) - Vermosh (very small shop) - Water: we had no distance over 20 km without watersources. However, we had a filter with us. We would recommend to take one, since there is a lot of cattle. - Sleeping: we mainly did wild camps. There are beautiful lakes along the trail. There are also options for paid accommodations. All mountain huts were closed on the days we were there.
When did you do this route? September 01, 2021

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