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Una National Park

National Park • Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  • Strbacki buk
    / Strbacki buk
    Photo: Nacionalni park Una, Terra Dinarica
  • Martin Brod
    / Martin Brod
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  • Waterfalls
    / Waterfalls
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  • View point Inocina greda
    / View point Inocina greda
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  • Una river
    / Una river
    Photo: Nacionalni park Una, Terra Dinarica
  • Unac river
    / Unac river
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  • Unac canyon
    / Unac canyon
    Photo: Nacionalni park Una, Terra Dinarica
  • Brown bear from UNP
    / Brown bear from UNP
    Photo: Nacionalni park Una, Terra Dinarica
Map / Una National Park

The Una National Park was established in 2008 as the first national park in BiH Federation and the third national park in BiH. The main purpose of the park is to preserve the unique eco-systems of the Upper Una and to promote the development of eco tourism.
The Una River is a typical Bosnia’s karst river. It is 214 km long with the watershed area of 10.000 km2. It begins in the southeast slopes of the Mount Stražbenica and spills into the River Sava across from Jasenovac. Along its course, it creates a large number of rapids, cascading waterfalls and unique and precious hydrological and ecological phenomena. Its major tributaries are the River Unac in the Upper Una and the River Sana in the Lower Una. The River Unac starts as a Mlinski Creek at 876 m beneath the Mount Šator; it flows through Pojila gorge, four valleys and three gorges further downstream. The Unac Canyon is one of the largest Tertiary refugia of flora, vegetation and fauna of northwest Dinaric Alps.

The highest value of this area is tufa cascades of the Una's riverbed. They are found almost across the entire Una flow. The major cascades are Martin Brod, Štrbački buk and Troslap. It has been determined that the age of the youngest tufa formations near the Una source are 3.000 years old, while some tufa formations are believed to be as much as 300.000 old. The Martin brod waterfalls in the Upper Una represent the highest forms of hydrological diversity and the overall natural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This phenomenon is the result of age-long processes of tufa deposition or the precipitation of calcium carbonate.

Štrbački buk is the most spectacular waterfall on the River Una. This unique hydrological phenomenon consists of three 40 m wide 24 m long tufa terraces. This area is home to a variety of plant and animal species, as well as cultural monuments well blended with the natural setting, such as towers, forts, and towns, which makes the Una valley all the more appealing.

Opening hours

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For detail information, pls do contact Una National Park staff at +387 37 221 528 or by e-mail:


There are entrance fees for visitors area Štrbački buk – Lohovo and Martin Brod – Milančev buk zone.

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Public transport

From Kulen Vakuf to Martin Brod transport services operate only once a week (private van).

Getting there

The Una National Park has a favorable geographic location and good traffic connectivity. From the north and northwest toward the south and southeast, this area is connected to the main road Bihać – Bosanski Petrovac – Drvar – Bosansko Grahovo – Livno. Within the protected area, there are a number of local roads. Along its western and southwestern part, the territory of the National Park directly borders with the Republic of Croatia; as the result there is a limited road communication to this area.



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Una National Park

Bosanska 1
77 000  Bihać
Phone +387 37 221 528 Fax +387 37 221 528


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