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I’m Eva, a girl from Amsterdam who loves mountains, coffee, walking barefoot, being inspired and sharing what inspires me. I write about what I think and feel, my passions and adventures.

Connect through nature and connecting naturally is what drives me. It’s a way of living. I choose to do so. I live on the road. I choose the Dinarides to do so. I’m on my way. There’s no conclusion, I’m rather in the middle of a thought.

During the summer of 2016 I walked the Via Dinarica White Trail on Vibram FiveFingers, 1500K from Albania to Slovenia through Europa’s largest Karstfield, the Dinaric Alps. Or the Dinarides. During this trip I wrote almost every day a story which you can read on my blog.

Hiking the Via Dinarica was more than a beautiful trekking or an awesome solo-hike. It was an adventurous journey. Discovering, learning, experiencing, exploring. And I still am. I’m not done yet. Not done hiking. Not done exploring. Not done with the Balkans. Those mountains, the people and the culture, I still feel extremely attracted to them. That’s why I went back. From Amsterdam to Sarajevo, on foot.

I walked back to the Balkans and this time I stay.


Hiking all Via Dinarica Trails. Exploring the Dinarides.


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EVAdinarica Project