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Map / Castle Path
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52.6 km
13:01 h
731 m
770 m
Your trip begins in the town of Postojna (Sport Hotel) and then takes you along the paths of the medieval knights. On the path past numerous villages and churches you will encounter three medieval castles: the Prestranek Castle, the Orehek Castle and the Predjama Castle, ruins of the once mighty baroque castle Haasberg and the Ravbar Tower which is the only preserved remainder of the former Small Castle. You can make the path more interesting by visiting Postojna Cave, the cave under the Predjama Castle, go horse riding on the estate of the Prestranek Castle, hiking on St. Laurence Hill or birdwatching. A cycling guide and map are available.

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Updated: November 08, 2016

Highest point
699 m
Lowest point
448 m

Rest Stop

Predjamska Gostilnica
Lipizzaner Lodge
Bar Demšar

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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52.6 km
13:01 h
731 m
770 m


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