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Via Dinarica BH/CG-W-01 Maglić to Pivska mounatin via Piva Canyon

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    Photo: Olja Latinović, Terra Dinarica
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    Photo: Olja Latinović, Terra Dinarica
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    Photo: Olja Latinović, Terra Dinarica
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    Photo: Olja Latinović, Terra Dinarica
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    Photo: Olja Latinović, Terra Dinarica
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    Photo: Olja Latinović, Terra Dinarica
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    Photo: Olja Latinović, Terra Dinarica
m 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 25 20 15 10 5 km Trnovačko jezero Maglić Hydroelectric Powerplant Piva Piva canyon

29.8 km
16:06 h
2483 m
2698 m
Mountain transversal trail Durmitor – Maglić, access for mountain-climbing routes Bioča, Maglića, Trzivka, Trnovičkog Durmitor, difficult, exhausting, demanding - endurance, good orientation and good skills moving through the rocks and reefs. 

New markings and signals, winter marking doesn't exist, local guide is recommended, required for larger groups of hikers.

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Points of interests: Grahovac, Grahovsko field, artificial lake, the ruins of fortresses, caves, karst formations, complexes of mixed forests, high biodiversity of flora and endemic species, viewpoints, tent, catuns. User
Via Dinarica BiH
Updated: June 14, 2017

Highest point
2359 m
Lowest point
631 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

bar kiosk Mratinje

Safety information

Winter marking doesn't exist.


Standard mountaineering equipment and reserves of water and food required.


Maglić (1540 m)
43.253095, 18.721105
34T 315012 4791442


Pivska mountain


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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Laura Elyse
July 03, 2019 · Community
Really beautiful in the late spring/early summertime. We were dreading the descent from Babici to the Hydroelectric Plant Piva because of warnings of previous reviewers, but it was not bad at all. Perhaps some work has been done recently on this trail. Seemed easy compared to the steep and dangerous descent from Mt. Planinica!
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Done at June 12, 2019
Wei Mak
October 05, 2018 · Community
The hike from Trnovacko to Maglic and then to Mratinje is very long, particularly with full packs (12-15kg). It took us 2h from Trnovacko to the divide point (to go to Maglic or Mratinje) where we left our packs. It was another 1.5h to Maglic and another 1.5h back to get the packs. From here is was another 5h of constant steep downhill to the bivouac where there is a hut to rest, constant water, houses you could ask to camp, and a barn. There's a drop toilet (with a broken floor...). From the bivouac to Mratinje is another 2km. In September the guesthouse looked open. There are no shops to buy any food. From Trnovacko to the bivouac, there are two water spots but they are far along the journey. One is about 1h45m from the divide point, but in September the water was a trickle and dirty. The next is a good source about 3h30m from the divide point, but there is nowhere to camp here, so you have to keep going toward the bivouac. Before climbing from Piva dam, you can get water from the workers there. The hike up the canyon is very steep. Be careful with the markers - there are red & white markers to follow, but also red markers with rubbed out/faded white. If you follow the wrong one, you will get lost! I don't know why they rubbed out the white parts of the markers but left the red. This should be fixed. There are at least 2 places where you can see both types of markers going in different directions.
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Done at September 10, 2018
Maxime Nauw
July 25, 2018 · Community
We stayed at Trnovacko lake where the ranger checked our ID's and wrote our names and nationalities in his book. The part from Prijevor to Maglic was quite busy when we were there. Mostly groups hiking up to the peak of Maglic. From Maglic there is quite a long descent until Mratinje. In Mratinje we stayed at a (new) guesthouse run by Petar and his parents (€10 pp/night). They were all really kind to us and offered us some homemade cheese pie, coffee,cookies,... Recommended stay! Petar also has maps of Sutjeska NP and Durmitor NP which we used the next days. (In Durmitor we also used this map: The part from Piva lake up to the plateau is quite steep and some passages are narrow. Caution is advised, especially if you're descending and/or if it rains. The plateau is really nice and peaceful. At some point the GPS trail differed from the trail shown on the maps. The GPS trail seems to follow MTB paths. We went the other way and hiked over some dirt paths and then through long grass where the markings are not so visible. Both ways arrive at Nedajno.
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Done at July 13, 2018
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29.8 km
2483 m
2698 m


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