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Via Dinarica BH-W-10 from Ljuta around Treskavica Mountain to Kalinovik City

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  • Treskavica
    / Treskavica
    Photo: Olja Latinović, Terra Dinarica
  • Blick auf Ljutha
    / Blick auf Ljutha
    Photo: Lena Wiesler, Outdooractive Editors
  • Vlaholje Village
    / Vlaholje Village
    Photo: Debbie Sanders,
  • necropolis and cemetery in Vlaholje
    / necropolis and cemetery in Vlaholje
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • Stecci Mirkova kosa
    / Stecci Mirkova kosa
    Photo: Kenan Mufić, Terra Dinarica
  • Stecak
    / Stecak
    Photo: Kenan Muftić, Terra Dinarica
  • / Jelašca
900 1200 1500 1800 2100 m km 5 10 15 20 25 30 Ljuta Oko Treskavice Household Vlaholje

This trail stage gets you from Ljuta to Kalinovik by hiking or mountain biking. The hiking tour goes over southern slopes of Treskavica and Lukavac summit to Vlaholje village.
30.9 km
12:00 h
1255 m
992 m
The trail mainly follows the macadam road from Ljuta to Kalinovik. At the crossing to Jakomislje, a hiking trail turns left up towards the Lukavac summit. From Lukavac the trail goes over the southern ridge of Treskavica over Orlov Kuk towards Kutski grad and inside to the mountain to Red Gorge (Crveni klanac). There it turns down to Vlaholje village, while the other trail continues via an old shepherd settlement called Nenkovci to the attractive Treskac summit and Gvozno field.

From Vlaholje, the trail follows a local road to the center of Kalinovik and continues to a former military barrack. It passes by an old German cemetery at Vezac, which is definitely worth visiting.

At the military barracks, the trail turns inward and follows a dirt road over the fields of Mirkova kosa to the last houses of the village Jelasca.

This Via Dinarica trail stage ends in Jelasca.

Author’s recommendation

Take this stage by bike to gain some time to explore Kalinovik. Hiking Lukavac and Treskac is also highly recommended. User
Via Dinarica BiH
Updated: September 21, 2017

Highest point
Lukavac, 1768 m
Lowest point
Ljuta, 873 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Hotel Moskva
Oko Treskavice Household
B&B Simovića kuće
B&B at Lalovic family

Safety information

The area around the road is suspcted on landmines at some sections, so you should remain on that road when you see warning sign boards.

Mind your step on difficult terrain and watch for snakes when reaching with your hands or sitting on the grass in the shade.

The mountain rescue service is reached by calling 112.


Standard hiking equipment. 

Tips, hints and links

Contact Mountain Club Lelija from Kalinovik for assistance regarding this trail stage - +387 (0)65 762 703.

This couple from Belgium has passed part of this trail from Nenkovci - read about it on Debbie's blog.


Ljuta village (872 m)
43.578774, 18.305240
34T 282423 4828618


Jelasca village

Turn-by-turn directions

Bike or hike the macadam road for 10 km to the crossing to Jakomislje. There, turn left onto a trail going into the beech forest. The trail climbs up to just below the summit of Lukavac (1768 m), where you should turn right to continue on towards Vlaholje. The summit is just 10 minutes away, so you can visit it and come back to the same point.

From here, follow the trail to the next crossing, where you should turn left towards Nenkovci. At the next crossing after that, do not continue to Nenkovci, but turn right to Vlaholje.

The trail descends to Vlaholje and the first houses you pass are Simovica houses (Simovica kuce), where you can stay over night if needed. Near the first house, turn left onto the trail, instead of joining the road going to the houses. This trail brings you a road and there you should turn right, cross the creek and after the cemetery turn left. For the rest of the way, follow that road all the way to Kalinovik and watch for the sign pointing to Vezac if you want to visit it.

In the center of Kalinovik, the trail goes left following the main road towards Sarajevo and Foca.

After the fuel station, you will spot abandoned buildings and structures on the right side of the road. Here, you should turn right through the gate and continue on the road through this ex-military facility to the next gate. The road brings you to open, grassy fields and somewhere near the center of the field there is a nice medieval tombstone necropolis (Stecci) known as Mirkova kosa. It is just a hundred meters from the road, so it is worth visiting.

This dirt road brings you to Jelasca village where this stage of the trail ends. The next stage will continue by following the once regional macadam road towards Cemerno (direction right on the T junction at the end of Jelasca).

Public transport

No public transport to Ljuta village. 

Getting there

After Sinanovici continue straight on the macadam road to Ljuta village.


In the center of the village, close by the school and the mosque.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Kristen Perry
July 14, 2018 · Community
Lots of springs on the road between Ljuta and the turn-off to Lukavac (but no good campsites until that turn-off, due to mine risk). Climb to Lukavak is fairly easy. Route from Lukavac to Kalinovik is unmarked until the turn-off to Treskač, but the GPS route follows a well-made old path along the ridge. Simovića kuće is lovely and welcoming, with incredible food (first house on your right heading south into Vlaholje; 60 KM for two people lodging, dinner and breakfast). Kalinovik has three small shops to resupply, however they don't have a great range of hiking-appropriate food. There is an ATM and bank next to Moskva Restaurant. Both Moskva and Café Leon were hiker friendly. 5 km south in Jelašca is also the B&B at Lalović family which is a beautiful handmade cabin made with Via Dinarica walkers in mind. Also excellent food (60 KM for two people lodging and breakfast; dinner may be another 10 or 20). Both Simovića and Lalović were happy to cater vegetarian.
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Jean-Marc Souchon
June 15, 2018 · Community
From Kalinovik, I took the gravel road that goes up on the southern flanks of Orlov Kuk and Lukavac and joined back the GPS route of Via Dinarica south of Lukavac (there, Via Dinarica is also signposted through this way). It's more direct and avoids the asphalt road. There are several springs and fountains along this road and until the last houses of Ljuta. There is also one 500 meters from Puzim going on the left on the road (Via Dinarica goes on the right).
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Eva Smeele
July 28, 2016 · EVAdinarica Project
In Vlaholje, 5km before Kalinovik there is a lovely b&b, Simovica Kuca, for everyone who is not into expensive hotels or dirty rooms ;)
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30.9 km
12:00 h
1255 m
992 m
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