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Crveni kuk

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This is an easy 12 km walk (both ways). It's especially beautiful in spring when a big lake forms in Jelenjača. At the foot of Crveni kuk there is a fountain with potable water.
9.3 km
3:49 h
429 m
424 m
When you set out to Crveni kuk from Sinanovići, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The elevation isn't much, and the track isn't technically demanding, but still, you should be prepared to walk 12 kilometres. At the foot of Crveni kuk there is a fountain, but it can't be relied on in summer, so it's recommended that you take plenty of water with you. Take the macadam road from Sinanovići leading to the peaks Crveni kuk (1733 MASL) and Džamija (1967 MASL); there are signposts at the junction.

The marked road enters the forest from the meadow. When you exit the forest the markers will direct you to the right towards Crveni kuk and Džamija. To the left is the sign for the peak Puzin, crossed out because the track is not recommended due to the landmines from the war. From there you can see the rather steep northern face of Crveni kuk. The track leads along the southern face, and descends towards the fountain at the foot. A few hundred metres from the fountain, the road forks left towards Crveni kuk, and right towards Džamija. The markers are written on a boulder. Left of the boulder the trail leads to Crveni kuk.

There is a cairn at the top and a metal box where a seal used to be. From the top you can see the ridge of Puzina, Džamija, Mt Treskavica, and Veliki Ljeljen in the distance. User
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Updated: April 11, 2016

Highest point
1698 m
Lowest point
1271 m

Safety information

The trail is technically undemanding and there is no risk of landmines.


Standard mountaineering equipment, in accordance with the weather.

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SInanovići (1271 m)
43.612525, 18.263203
34T 279152 4832478


Crveni kuk peak

Turn-by-turn directions

From Sinanovići turn right on the road leading to Bjelimići. After about a kilometre you'll reach Jelenjača, a valley on the right. In springtime a great lake forms there. Go down to the valley and continue south, parallel with the road which is now on your left. At the end of the valley enter the grove and follow the marked trail to the foot of the imposing summit of Puzim. Descend on the road and cross the bridge to the fountain at the foot of Crveni kuk. From the fountain walk another 500 metres down the road, then turn left and up the meadow to the summit of Crveni kuk.

On your way back, instead of going across Jelenjača you can go down the road all the way.

Public transport

Take a city van to Sinanovići village.

Getting there

Take M18 to Krupac, right after the quarry turn right onto R442a towards Mt Bjelašnica and Mt Igman. When you reach Hotel Maršal on Bjelašnica continue straight ahead, then descend all the way down to Šabići. From Šabići continue to the right till you reach the junction where the road to Umoljani branches off. Turn left across the bridge and contineu straight all the way to Tušila.


Park at the lay-by.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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9.3 km
3:49 h
429 m
424 m


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