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Very nice walk, offering a view of one of the most beautiful ridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Vito-Drstva ridge), as well as the mountains Treskavica and Bjelašnica, and the canyon of the Rakitnica.
12.1 km
5:38 h
668 m
693 m
You set out from the meadow by the Tušila lodge in Sinanovići. Even from the meadow you can see the signposts marking the trails that lead to the peaks Vito, Puzin and Drstva. The arrow pointing to Drstva reads: "3 hours".

The first few hundred metres you go across the meadow, then you reach the village road. Go down that road for almost two kilometres, then turn left on the narrow asphalt road leading uphill towards the village. You have to go through the village and continue down the marked trail that meanders through the meadow between the groves. One stretch of the trail goes through the forest, and this is where the ascent begins. There is a spring just outside the forest. Drstva summit is not visible untill you're around 50 metres from the peak. On your left is the ridge Subara which connects in the distance with Vito, the second highest peak of Mt Visočica.

The ascent to Drstva (1808 MASL) takes a bit under three hours. Straight below is the canyon of the Rakitnica which separates Mts Visočica and Bjelašnica. You can see the village of Lukomir on the other side, on Mt Bjelašnica. At 1495 MASL, Lukomir is the highest settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the only settlement in the country above 1300 MASL. Below Lukomir you can also see the village of Umoljani. To the right, in the distance, lies the observatory, and behind you is Mt Treskavica. To the left is the ridge that connects Drstva with Vito (1960 MASL) via the peaks Malo brdo (1830 MASL) and Veliko brdo (1884 MASL). This is the return route. You reach Malo brdo first, then Veliko brdo. That part of the track is not very demanding and the ascent is gentle as the difference in altitude is a mere 70 metres. It descends from Veliko brdo to the beginning of the ridge leading to Vito and comes back downhill towards the base, at a pitch. User
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Updated: April 11, 2016

Highest point
1852 m
Lowest point
1214 m

Safety information

The trail is technically undemanding and there is no risk of landmines.


Standard mountaineering equipment, in accordance with the weather.

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Tušila (1214 m)
43.621513, 18.254738
34T 278502 4833498


Drstva peak

Turn-by-turn directions

Walk out into the meadow above the lodge and head north. You will soon come to the village road leading to the village of Pervizi. Take the first left off that road onto a gravel road going uphill till you go through the village and get on the marked walking trail. At first it goes across the meadow, then through the forest, all the way to the fountain. From the fountain straight up the hill (to the west) to the peak Drstva.

Public transport

Van to Sinanovići.

Getting there

Take M18 to Krupac, and right after the quarry turn right onto R442a towards Mt Bjelašnica and Mt Igman. When you reach Hotel Maršal on Bjelašnica continue straight ahead, then descend all the way down to Šabići. From Šabići continue to the right till you reach the junction where the road to Umoljani branches off. Turn left across the bridge and drive straight on all the way to Tušila.


Park at the lay-by.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Olja Latinovic
December 11, 2016 · Terra Dinarica
Poor and old trail marking signs which need to be repaired
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Trail mark Sunday, December 11, 2016 14:05:15
Photo: Olja Latinovic, Terra Dinarica

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12.1 km
5:38 h
668 m
693 m


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