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Hiking Trail

The Natural Adventure - Via Dinarica custom, Stage 2

Hiking Trail · Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  • View from Vran
    / View from Vran
    Photo: Bože Radoš,
  • View from Veliki Vran Peak
    / View from Veliki Vran Peak
  • Vran summit
    / Vran summit
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • Mali Vran peak
    / Mali Vran peak
  • View from Mali Vran
    / View from Mali Vran
  • Veliki Vran summit
    / Veliki Vran summit
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / View on Cvrsnica
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / view on Duvanjsko field
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / View on Ramsko lake
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / Hajdučke Vrleti Motel
    Photo: Olja Latinović, Terra Dinarica
  • / Stećci in Dugo Polje
    Photo: Olja Latinovic, Terra Dinarica

Hiking over Vran Mountain. Overnight at Hajdučke vrleti Motel in Blidinje Nature Park

16.7 km
6:13 h
1031 m
1182 m

Nice ridge tour with views on Duvanjsko Polje, Lake Blidinje, Dugo Polje, Cvrsnica, Ljubusa, and Ramsko Lake. User
Via Dinarica BiH
Updated: May 05, 2018

Highest point
2064 m
Lowest point
1225 m

Turn-by-turn directions

From Omrcenica, the ascent to Mali Vran starts, which is not long but is a bit steep. After Mali Vran, the trail follows a wide ridge with splendid views on Blidinje and Cvrsnica. The ridge hiking ends on Vran summit and from there it is possible to descend over steep terrain down to the Mountain Lodge Blidinje on the shore of the lake. The descent is pretty steep and hard on the knees. 

You will continue towards Veliki (Great) Vran summit for another 2 hours.  From Veliki Vran the trail continues further over less steep terrain, passing through the beech forest and an old cistern built in traditional way.  The trail ends on a road.

You have a chance to visit Stecci necropolis in Dugo polje, which is one of those on UNESCO heritage list. 

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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16.7 km
6:13 h
1031 m
1182 m


: h
Highest point
Lowest point
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