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Map / Trebević
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The walk isn't technically demanding. In terms of fitness requirements, we may consider it intermediate. The first part of the walk is on the road along the bobsleigh track all the way to Pino hotel. Then through the forest to the summit of Trebević. When you reach the top you'll have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains.
15.8 km
7:27 h
816 m
815 m
There are many larger mountains surrounding our city, but at 1629 MASL, Trebević is the only one that is located in the city of Sarajevo itself.

In about 10 minutes from the city centre, one can reach Pogledine which is a starting point located at about 800 MASL. The route runs next to Mala Čolina Kapa and Velika Čolina Kapa in the direction of the bobsleigh track. At the time when cable car transport was still operational, this was one of the most popular picnic areas for Sarajevans.

The path is usually in good condition and it is not physically demanding. From the bobsled track, next to Pino hotel, the trail goes upwards in the direction of destroyed Dobre Vode lodge. From that point onward a well-marked forest trail leads all the way to the summit. In the vicinity of the summit, there is a sign on the left side of the road which points in the direction of Vidikovac. This lookout offers a beautiful view of an entire ​​Sarajevo region, including Pale, Jahorina and Romanija. The path runs further next to the former botanical garden towards the abandoned Vaso Miskin Crni lodge which is located just below the summit.

Although Trebević sits at only 1629 MASL, the path to its summit is not technically demanding, but it is still about eight kilometers in length and the altitude is approximately 800 MASL. User
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Updated: March 04, 2016

Highest point
1608 m
Lowest point
830 m

Safety information

The trail is technically undemanding and there is no risk of landmines.


Standard mountaineering equipment, in accordance with the weather.

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Pogledine (829 m)
43.848915, 18.445808
34T 294698 4858263



Turn-by-turn directions

From Pogledine go down Apel's road along the bobsleigh track to the Pino hotel station. From there, take the marked road to the Dobre vode lodge, then up the serpentines to the summit Sofe. Return the same way you came.

Public transport

Taxi or van to Hrid.

Getting there

If going by car, head for Hrid via Bistrik. Auto ostaviti na Leave the car in Pogledine above Hrid.


No car park, leave the car on the lay-by.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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15.8 km
7:27 h
816 m
815 m


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Highest point
Lowest point
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