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Via Dinarica BH-W-07 Ruište and Boračko lake

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m 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 20 15 10 5 km Mountain Lodge Rujište Snježna kuća Boračko jezero
This is the mountain biking and hiking trail that goes from Ruiste to Boracko lake. It passes by two nice necropolises of Bosnian medieval tombstones (called Stecci) and the ruin of Santica Villa.
24.6 km
6:00 h
387 m
1,019 m
The trail follows the road going from Ruiste to Boracko lake. It follows the easternmost slopes of Mount Prenj, but there are no views of Prenj landscapes. Instead, there are nice views on Crvanj mountain and Boracko lake. The trail passes by two necropolises of medieval tombstones called Stecci: one below the junction to Nevesinje and another in the Bahtijevica area. The second is particularly interesting as there are some nice carvings, including one depicting a sword fight.

At the far end of Bahtijevica, where the trail turns to the west, there is a nice view point on mount Visocica, and canyons of the Neretva and Rakitnica rivers. The next portion of the Via Dinarica trail is actually visible from this view point.

The road and the trail splits at the junction not far from this view point. One is a shorter way directly to Boracko lake via the village of Kula, but the Via Dinarica trail continues straight towards the Boracka Draga and Borasnica mountain to connect with Borci village. At Borci, there is Santica villa and Lazar’s grave, but not far from there is also another fascinating - and one of the most beautiful - Stecci necropolises and a short but attractive canyon of Boracki creek. The trail descends down from Borci to the holiday and recreation area of Boracko lake and goes around to its “administration” center with a shop, restaurants and guesthouses.

Author’s recommendation

Before taking this tour, read a little bit about mediaval history of Bosnia. It will be intersting to know more about Stecci, since there are a few necropolises of them on and around this trail.
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Via Dinarica BiH
Updated: December 22, 2017
S0 moderate
Highest point
Ruiste, 1,171 m
Lowest point
Boracko lake, 407 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Ljetna bašta Restaurant
Motel Snježna kuća

Safety information

Mind your step on difficult terrain and watch for snakes when reaching with your hands or sitting on the grass in the shade.

The mountain rescue service is reached by calling 112.

Tips and hints 



Ruiste (1,053 m)
43.464342, 17.961053
43°27'51.6"N 17°57'39.8"E
33T 739531 4816641


Boracko lake / Boracko jezero

Turn-by-turn directions

Just follow the road from Ruiste to Borci. Continue straight (left) on the first junction, and keep to the main road. At the junction to Kula, continue straight and on the junction to Crno polje (Prenj) turn right. Just before the cemetery at Borci, there is a trail going right down, but to stay on the Via Dinarica, continue a couple of hundred meters more and then turn to the ruins of Santica villa. The trail continues on the other side of the villa’s garden, behind Lazar’s grave. Once down in the lake's valley, follow the road on the left side of the lake, though going around the lake is also an option as you would pass by the main beach of Boracko.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

To trailhead:

Taxi from Mostar ( )


From arrival point:

"Bjelimici Bus"- +387 36 737 009 (try to book your seat and agree on a pick-up location)


Bjelimići - Konjic - Sarajevo  (except weekends) u 8,00 h  (sunday 15,00)

Bjelimići - Glavatičevo - Konjic (mon-fri)  at 13,30 h (contracted)
Konjic - Glavatičevo - Bjelimići (mon-fri) at 6,10 h (contracted)
Sarajevo -Konjic - Bjelimići (except sundays) at 14,00

Getting there

Drive from Mostar towards Sarajevo and turn right towards the locality of Potoci. 


Close by hotel Snjezna kuca (Snow House).


43.464342, 17.961053
43°27'51.6"N 17°57'39.8"E
33T 739531 4816641
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Lazar Drljača--zatočenik ljepote. Konjic ; Mostar : Skupština opštine, 1974

Author’s map recommendations



Standard hiking or biking equipment - for one day. 

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Thomas Furter
December 05, 2020 · Community
Mostly street and gravel road walk. If you don't take the short cut down to the lake, it's better to follow the road at 'Old cemetery at Borci'. It's a detour of about 3km.
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When did you do this route? October 02, 2020
July 22, 2018 · Community
I share a photo of a local information point. You can see the alternate path to go down to the lake. It saves arround 5 km. It is a nice dirt road which is marked with the red and white spots. My photo is not well framed but you could also eventually go to the lake without going through Ruiste. From Vrutak, you would have to go to Jezerce instead of Bijele Vode turning left before going to Zelena Glava (it is marked). The trail should join the bike road PR400 (bottom of the photo). I don't know how is this way and check it again if you want to try it as it goes through a mined area.
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Arround Boracko lake
Photo: R P, Community
Claire Leenen
July 25, 2016 · Community
At Ruiŝte there's also a nice looking motel serving food and drinks. The roadwalk to Borajćko isn't too bad (I did take a 5km shortcut, this is marked as mountainbike trail). At the lake there's a small store and there's restaurants.
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Arround Boracko lake

S0 moderate
24.6 km
6:00 h
387 m
1,019 m
Scenic Cultural/historical value Point to Point


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