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Via Dinarica HR-W-04 Gornje Jelenje - Fužine

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  • Fužine i jezero Bajer
    / Fužine i jezero Bajer
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Mountain hut Lepenica
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Krošnje jela
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Panorama s vrha Tuhobića
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Putokaz prema Tuhobiću
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Silazak kolone s Tuhobića
    Photo: Nenad Perošević, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Vrh Tuhobića
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Zima pod Tuhobićem
    Photo: Žarko Seršić, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
m 1400 1200 1000 800 600 25 20 15 10 5 km
In the area south of the Risnjak National Park, Via Dinarica continues across the area of Tuhobić. This elongated mountain with steep sides follows the littoral edge of the Gorski kotar plateau from Gornje Jelenje towards Fužine for approximately 5 kilometers.
Distance 25.8 km
11:00 h
699 m
1,486 m
The slopes of Tuhobić facing the littoral side are mild and gradual, slowly descending into the karst fields. On the other side, facing the region of Gorski kotar, steep slopes 300 meters high rise from the valley of Lepenica. The Lepenica side of the mountain is covered in dense layers of mixed forest that almost reach the ridge itself. On the other side of the mountain, Tuhobić is covered in grasslands and rather bare. On no other mountain is the boundary between the forests characteristic for Gorski kotar and the karst terrain so sharp and noticeable as on Tuhobić. Two main peaks stand out along the elongated Tuhobić ridge: Stragarnica (1098 m.a.s.l.) and Jelenčić (1106 m.a.s.l.). In high elevations, the mountain is predominantly characterized by lush meadows that offer beautiful views.

The main base for a climb to the top is the Lepenica scout facility near Gornje Jelenje, located in the valley of Lepenica with a creek of the same name flowing through the valley and into the lake of Lepeničko jezero. There are two trails leading from there: the easier trail leads along the ridge of Tuhobić, while the harder trail passes along the steep side slopes of the mountain. It takes approximately one hour and a half of hiking to get from Lepenica to the peak. There are also longer trails from Fužine, Lič, Zlobin and Plase that lead to Tuhobić from the other side of the mountain. All these trails are marked with hiking trail markings, since Tuhobić is covered by the Gorski Kotar Hiking Trail (GPP). Thanks to the position of Fužine on the shores of the lake of Bajer, this settlement is one of the most picturesque settlements of Gorski kotar.

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Alan Čaplar
Update: August 03, 2016
Risk potential
Highest point
1,528 m
Lowest point
710 m
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Gornje Jelenje (1,496 m)
45.431453, 14.621438
45°25'53.2"N 14°37'17.2"E
33T 470388 5030950


Lič / Fužine


all notes on protected areas


45.431453, 14.621438
45°25'53.2"N 14°37'17.2"E
33T 470388 5030950
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Basic Equipment for Mountain Hikes

  • Sturdy, comfortable and waterproof hiking boots or approach shoes
  • Layered, moisture wicking clothing
  • Hiking socks  
  • Rucksack (with rain cover)
  • Protection against sun, rain and wind (hat, sunscreen, water- and windproof jacket and suitable legwear)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking poles
  • Ample supply of drinking water and snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Bivy / survival bag  
  • Survival blanket
  • Headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Whistle
  • Cell phone
  • Cash
  • Navigation equipment / map and compass
  • Emergency contact details
  • ID

Technical Equipment for Mountain Hikes

  • Climbing helmet as required
  • The 'basic' and 'technical' equipment lists are generated based on the selected activity. They are not exhaustive and only serve as suggestions for what you should consider packing.
  • For your safety, you should carefully read all instructions on how to properly use and maintain your equipment.
  • Please ensure that the equipment you bring complies with local laws and does not include restricted items.

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Sven Nit
August 31, 2021 · Community
Went northbound. Trail often really overgrown and bad marked, view from Tuhovic is nice.Walked until Risnjak
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Maruša Orel
May 27, 2021 · Community
Trail from Risnjak to asphalt road (Ravno Podolje) is mostly good marked, sometimes you need to use the app. It's also a little bit overgrown, but you can hike without any big problems. Actually I really liked that trail. From 5,3km to 6,5km you have few small rivers, where you can take water, if you need it (but I would filter it) - photo. Trail to official traihead (road crossing) to Tuhobić is overgrown and disappears in one part-at cca 11,2km (you need to bushwhach through the forest, not nice), but then you find it back and it's duable. Trail on Tuhobić is marked pretty good and it's also not so overgrown, it's actually pretty nice trail (a lot of beautiful flowers in May). View on the top is amazing! So Tuhobić is definitelly a must see! Then I descented from Tuhobić (to 16,7km), but I took different trail to Lič (see on the photo, purple color), because I read that original trail is too overgrown and not worth it. The trail I took is nice, mostly gravel road. I went directly from Crni lug to Lič and it took me 13h (with cca 2h of stops). I took 4l of water in Crni lug and it was enough for sure (my dog drank some as well). If you're planning to sleep on Tuhobić definitelly think about water.
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When did you do this route? May 26, 2021
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Thomas Furter
August 26, 2020 · Community
We took the oroginal trail not going to Gornje Jelenje to refill water. But this was not a good idea, cause the trail down to the street is overgrown and takes more time and patience then the roadwalk.The trail up to Tuhobic was in pretty good condition (compared to other sections). It seems that several climbs have been made in August 2020. The Tubohic is a must, great view to the Kvarner bay. We placed our tent at the top and had a beautiful night up there (1000 stars). The next day we followed the trail to the Jelencic, approx. 1km through nessles, no view at the top:-( So this section can be skipped using the direct trail to Lic after Tuhobic descent. We we‘re pretty anoyed about this trail section and shortened down to Fuzine and had a wonderful day down there with a walk around the lake:-)
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Mittwoch, 26. August 2020, 22:32 Uhr
Photo: Community
Mittwoch, 26. August 2020, 22:32 Uhr
Photo: Community
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Mittwoch, 26. August 2020, 22:32 Uhr
Mittwoch, 26. August 2020, 22:32 Uhr
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25.8 km
11:00 h
699 m
1,486 m
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