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Via Dinarica HR-W-13 Dabri and Dabarski kukovi

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  • Bačić kuk
    / Bačić kuk
    Photo: Goran Gabrić, Via Dinarica
  • / Bačić kuk
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Bačić kuk i Prikinuto brdo
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Baške Oštarije sa skijališta
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Budakovo brdo s Prikinutog brda
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Dabarska kosa
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Dabarski kukovi
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Dabarski kukovi s Kize
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Kiza
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Kiza
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Kubus
    Photo: Vedran Penga, Via Dinarica
  • / Kubus
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Oštarijsko polje
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Planinarski dom Ravni dabar
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Planinarska kuča Ana
    Photo: Ivan Hapač, Via Dinarica
  • / Planinarska kuća Kata
    Photo: Ivan Hlapač, Via Dinarica
  • / Planinarska kuća Vila Velebita
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Planinari
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Potok Ljubica na Baškim Oštarijama
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Premužićeva staza na Dabarskoj kosi
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Ravni dabar
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Ravni dabar
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Tunel na Baškim Oštarijama
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Vidik s Kize prema Ljubičkom brdu
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / Vrh Bačić kuka
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica
  • / VIdik s Kize
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, Via Dinarica Croatia
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Unlike the section of central Velebit to the north, which is higher, but also characterized by grassland peaks with gentle terrain, the continuation of this ridge from Bačić kuk to Ljubičko brdo above Oštarije is completely different. Here, as in no other place in the area, we come across an orderly series of white limestone peaks, extending parallel with the Adriatic coast towards the southeast for almost 10 kilometers, rising out of the green forest cover and grassland karst valleys. The most prominent of these peaks are Bačić kuk, Kukaline, Butinovača, Kiza, Grabar and Ljubičko brdo. Along their northeastern base, we come across a series of wide karst depressions, with three most impressive among them known as dabri (Crni dabar, Ravni dabar and Došen dabar). The fourth prominent depression is known as Bačić duliba, and the fifth as Crna duliba. Unlike other rocky peaks of Velebit, the series of peaks known as Dabarski kukovi did not have a joint name for a long time; instead, they were eventually named by hikers, after the three prominent depressions at their base. A longitudinal tour of Dabarski kukovi is a true climbing achievement, although some ridges of Dabarski kukovi do have mountaineering markings.
Distance 17.1 km
9:00 h
814 m
858 m

On the way from Skorpovac to Baške Oštarije, we will continue following the Premužić Trail (4-5 hours of hiking); however, an interesting option is to take a tour of the marked hiking trails leading through the area of dabri (Došen dabar, Ravni dabar, Crni dabar), by using the markings of the Velebno Hiking Trail. From Skorpovac onwards, the Premužić Trail continues straight for one hour and a half of hiking to the base of the peak of Visibaba, along the terrain with increasingly prominent karst characteristics, but still largely covered in forest. Soon after Skorpovac, at the pass called Skorpovački prijevoj, the Premužić Trail is intersected by a gravel road, with a trail towards Velinac branching from it to the right (50 minutes of hiking). Below Visibaba, to the left, there is a steep trail branching towards Bačić kosa (20 minutes of hiking); from there, we can continue either towards Bačić kuk or towards Visibaba. Continuing along the Premužić Trail, we reach the pass of Dabarska kosa in 20 minutes of hiking, where we also come across a local road. From Dabarska kosa, we can take a marked trail to reach Ravni dabar and the mountain lodge of the same name in half an hour of hiking. If we continue along the Premužić Trail, on the other side of the road, we will get to Baške Oštarije in two hours and a half of hiking.

Baške Oštarije is a mountain settlement located on an important Velebit mountain pass with a road connecting the towns of Gospić and Karlobag. The mountain pass divides the central and the southern area of Velebit. Thanks to its accessibility, a range of interesting sites, Velebno Hotel and two mountain huts, the settlement of Baške Oštarije also serves as an excellent starting point for excursions to the peaks of Dabarski kukovi and to other peaks surrounding the picturesque field of Oštarijsko polje. The most interesting peaks of the area of Oštarije are Kiza, Ljubičko brdo and V. Sadikovac. However, the entire area has so many marked paths and trails with quite diverse levels of difficulty, that it is almost impossible to use all the hiking opportunities that the area provides. The mountain of Velebit is relatively narrow and low in this section; however, that in no way diminishes its attractiveness, since most peaks offer views of both the sea and the region of Lika in the hinterland.

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Alan Čaplar
Update: September 10, 2019
Risk potential
Highest point
1,317 m
Lowest point
731 m
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Dabarski kukovi (959 m)
44.592224, 15.054266
44°35'32.0"N 15°03'15.4"E
33T 504307 4937654


Dabarski kukovi


all notes on protected areas


44.592224, 15.054266
44°35'32.0"N 15°03'15.4"E
33T 504307 4937654
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Basic Equipment for Mountain Hikes

  • Sturdy, comfortable and waterproof hiking boots or approach shoes
  • Layered, moisture wicking clothing
  • Hiking socks  
  • Rucksack (with rain cover)
  • Protection against sun, rain and wind (hat, sunscreen, water- and windproof jacket and suitable legwear)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking poles
  • Ample supply of drinking water and snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Bivy / survival bag  
  • Survival blanket
  • Headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Whistle
  • Cell phone
  • Cash
  • Navigation equipment / map and compass
  • Emergency contact details
  • ID

Technical Equipment for Mountain Hikes

  • Climbing helmet as required
  • The 'basic' and 'technical' equipment lists are generated based on the selected activity. They are not exhaustive and only serve as suggestions for what you should consider packing.
  • For your safety, you should carefully read all instructions on how to properly use and maintain your equipment.
  • Please ensure that the equipment you bring complies with local laws and does not include restricted items.

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Sven Nit
August 26, 2021 · Community
Walked from Oltarije (great place, good restaurant with rooms, could buy bread there, a cheese and yogurt shop and an amazing campsite with friendly people) to Ogradenica because trail was a bit short. Easy hiking on well marked trails
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Jérémy Bigé
July 08, 2021 · Community
Easy and fast trail to Ostarije (half a day). Took fresh water 1km north from the village near the road. Some kind snakes were swimming in the well 😉 Take as much as you can for the next part !
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Maxo Pl.
June 15, 2021 · Community
kamp velebit was great, they even took me to gospič to do my shopping, what a nice couple. good at the hostel was also good. you should do shopping too, you need food for like 6-7 days forthcoming!
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17.1 km
9:00 h
814 m
858 m
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