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Via Dinarica HR-W-14 Southern Velebit (I) – route to Šugarska duliba

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  • Na hrptu Velikog Sadikovca
    / Na hrptu Velikog Sadikovca
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Na usponu prema Velikom Sadikovcu
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Odmor na vršku prije Velikog Sadikovaca
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Planinarsko sklonište Šugarska duliba
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Sadikovac sa Sladovače
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Sadikovačka jama
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Silazak niz travnatu padinu Velikog Stolca
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Silazak s Visočice
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Šugarska duliba
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Uspon na Veliki Sadikovac
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Uspon na Veliki Stolac
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Veliki Sadikovac
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
  • / Vidik s Velikog Stolca prema sjeveru
    Photo: Alan Čaplar, terra-dinarica-tourenerfassung
m 1400 1300 1200 1100 1000 900 800 700 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 km
Even though Velebit is at its narrowest in its southern section, this is also the area of its highest peaks. When viewed from the Zagreb-Split Motorway or from the peak of the hill of Zir, southern Velebit leaves a special impression, as it resembles an immense wall from that side. The littoral slope of the mountain is not as steep as the slope facing the region of Lika, and it also includes several pronounced terraces in high elevations, similarly as in the northern and central areas of Velebit. In the peak area of southern Velebit, we again come to two parallel and longitudinal series of peaks – one rising above Lika, and another above the sea. The first series of peaks is dominated by Visočica, Jelovac, Počiteljski vrh, Badanjski vrhovi and Badanj; the second series of peaks includes V. Pločeviti, Kozjak and Višerujna. These series of peaks together close trough-shaped karst valleys, large dolines and sinkholes, separated by barriers of various sizes. The largest such sites are Ramino korito and Šugarsko korito, followed by Šugarska duliba, Jančarica, Oglavinovac and Javornik. It is only at the southern end, in the section from Vaganski vrh to Sveto brdo, that the littoral and Lika series of peaks connect into a single ridge.
Distance 15.9 km
9:00 h
1,113 m
645 m
In the southern area of Velebit, Via Dinarica again follows the route of the Velebit Hiking Trail, offering very good hiking opportunities.

At Baške Oštarije, the first markings directing hikers towards Šugarska duliba are located on a building of the former school of Baške Oštarije, near the abandoned Velebno Hotel. The trail ascends to the ridge of Sladovačko brdo, and reaches the meadow of Sladovača. To the left, there is a branch leading to the peak of Veliki Sadikovac. From Sladovača, Velebit Hiking Trail markings steeply descend to the pass of Bukovo razvršje, proceeding along a long steep descent to Kljajina dolina and to a wide path from the direction of Konjsko. The Velebit Hiking Trail route continues further through the forest above Jurkova dolina to Markova paljevina, where the trail turns uphill to the left. In half an hour of hiking, we reach Piskovita kosica, where one needs to pay attention to an intersection. To the right, there is a trail leading to Lukovo Šugarje, and the trail to the left leads to Brušane.

From Piskovita kosica, the trail continues straight downhill for 10 minutes to Šikića jatara. There, we come across a left branch through Ramino korito via Pasji klanac to Ripište. The Velebit Hiking Trail route takes us to the right, along the trail of Milkovića staza to Jurlino sedlo, where there is a trail to the right descending to the sea across Rudelić Rastovci (1 hour and 15 minutes). From Jurlino sedlo, the markings take us further along a mild descent to Jurlini vrtli, and then across the slopes of Jurlin kuk to dry stone walls of the karst valley of Zapeć, and to a well-built old tourist trail leading to Lukovo Šugarje. We take this trail and pass next to the cave of Milkovića peć, soon arriving to an intersection of hiking trails. The tourist trail continues straight towards Lukovo Šugarje (3 hours), and the Velebit Hiking Trail turns left uphill above Bukova draga, and then through Jasenovački doci to the meadows of Ripište, where it connects with a hiking trail branch passing through Ramino korito. From this place, it takes approximately 20 minutes of hiking to the mountain shelter Šugarska duliba. In a wider area of Šugarska duliba, in a fairly limited locality, we come across one of four known habitats of the endemic species Velebit degenia. There is a marked trail leading from the mountain shelter at Šugarska duliba to the peak of Veliki Stolac, and the climb to the peak takes approximately 45 minutes.

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Alan Čaplar
Update: August 03, 2016
Risk potential
Highest point
1,387 m
Lowest point
859 m
Best time of year


Baške Oštarije (919 m)
44.525065, 15.178026
44°31'30.2"N 15°10'40.9"E
33T 514146 4930208


(Veliki Stolac)


all notes on protected areas


44.525065, 15.178026
44°31'30.2"N 15°10'40.9"E
33T 514146 4930208
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Basic Equipment for Mountain Hikes

  • Sturdy, comfortable and waterproof hiking boots or approach shoes
  • Layered, moisture wicking clothing
  • Hiking socks  
  • Rucksack (with rain cover)
  • Protection against sun, rain and wind (hat, sunscreen, water- and windproof jacket and suitable legwear)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking poles
  • Ample supply of drinking water and snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Bivy / survival bag  
  • Survival blanket
  • Headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Whistle
  • Cell phone
  • Cash
  • Navigation equipment / map and compass
  • Emergency contact details
  • ID

Technical Equipment for Mountain Hikes

  • Climbing helmet as required
  • The 'basic' and 'technical' equipment lists are generated based on the selected activity. They are not exhaustive and only serve as suggestions for what you should consider packing.
  • For your safety, you should carefully read all instructions on how to properly use and maintain your equipment.
  • Please ensure that the equipment you bring complies with local laws and does not include restricted items.

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Sven Nit
August 26, 2021 · Community
Started at Sugarska Duliba (best shelter so far). Trail takes more time than expected (climbing over trees and rocks, lot of up and down), but well marked and beautiful. 5 hours to Baske Ostarije. From BO it will take around 7h.
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Jérémy Bigé
July 08, 2021 · Community
Coming from Skorpovac, this part was really tough during the afternoon. I took the southern option and that was not the easiest one. 7h in the forest with a light bag, overgrounded trail under trees, plants... I saw 4 big owls ! Really slow progression. As said before it is better to go north to Pasji Kuk. But Sugarska Duliba was awesome ! I succeed to charge my phone (10th June 2021). No water until the hut !
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Maruša Orel
June 17, 2021 · Community
Trail is nothing special, mostly though the forest. From Zdrilo to Šugarska duliba you have two options: trail where Via Dinarica goes is overgrown (told by a hiker who hiked it few days earlier). So I decided to take the other one (by Ramino korito) and it was a nice forest trail, not overgrown. So it's definitelly better to choose this one. What makes this trail amazing are two huts, Ždrilo and Šugarska duliba. Both of them are so beautiful, clean, tidy, have tap water and a sink, lights and plug ins. And location of both of them is nice, so worth to see! :) I was charging my phone in Šugarska duliba the whole night, but it didn't charge, so I guess something is wrong with solar charging. Water was available in both huts. There is also a well close tu Šugarska duliba in the way to Tatekova koliba (if you don't turn left on Veliki Stolac).
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When did you do this route? June 15, 2021
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
Photo: Maruša Orel, Community
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15.9 km
9:00 h
1,113 m
645 m
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