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Via Dinarica BH-W-01 the Our Lady of Sinj Route

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  • View on Busko Lake
    / View on Busko Lake
    Photo: Eko-selo Grabovica,
  • / Horses
    Photo: Eko selo Grabovica,
  • / resting area and view point
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / Trail marks - Our Lady of Sinj Route
    Photo: Olja Latinovic, Terra Dinarica
  • / Trail Signage Our Lady of Sinj Route
    Photo: Olja Latinovic, Terra Dinarica
  • / Marinovac beach
    Photo: Olja Latinovic, Terra Dinarica
  • / Carmel of St. Elijah
    Photo: Olja Latinovic, Terra Dinarica
  • / Eko selo Grabovica
    Photo: Eko selo Grabovica,
  • / Birdwatching tower
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / First Entrance of Ričina Spring
    Photo: Olja Latinovic, Terra Dinarica
  • / sunset over Busko lake
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / Our Lady info boards
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / map studying
    Photo: Olja Latinovic, Terra Dinarica
  • / Rest point and view on Busko lake
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / Old Bridge at Busko lake
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / Busko lake and Kamesnica
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
  • / Ricina caves
    Photo: Via Dinarica BiH, Terra Dinarica
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This first stage of the Via Dinarica hiking trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina follows the pilgrim route dedicated to Our Lady of Sinj. 

24.1 km
10:00 h
570 m
299 m

The highlights are magnificent vistas on Busko lake, several archeological spots and the eco-ethno village Grabovica. Besides hiking, this can also be a nice biking route, and there are also possibilities of crossing lakes in kayaks and canoes.  

As the border crossing point at Vaganj (pass between Troglav and Kamesnica) is just for locals and is not an international border point, the last stage of the Croatian and first stage of the Bosnian Via Dinarica follows a pilgrim’s trail: the Our Lady of Sinj Route ( . This will remain as the main White trail probably until Bosnia and Herzegovina joins the EU and Schengen treaty.

A recommended stop is eco-ethno village Grabovica, in fact a great holiday resort. This first BiH stage of White Trail Via Dinarica will end at locality of Little Gradac, where it will split from the Our Lady of Sinj Route.

Author’s recommendation

Take your time and visit places around the lake. Carmel of St.Elijah and Eco selo Grabovica are good places to take a break for a day. User
Via Dinarica BiH
Updated: December 28, 2017

Highest point
Mali Gradac , 1000 m
Lowest point
Busko Lake, 700 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Pansion Majo
Bošnjak Household
Eco-Village Grabovica
Monastery - spiritual center "Carmel of St.Elijah"

Safety information

Be carefull when crossing the roads. 112 - emergency number in Bosnia and Herzegovina (also for Mountain Resce Service)


Good boots and swimming suit :-)

Standard walking/hiking/ biking equipment.

Tips, hints and links


Border point Prisika (754 m)
43.606624, 16.976123
33T 659478 4830080


Mali Gradac - view point on Busko lake

Turn-by-turn directions

Continue from border crossing point Prisika to Gornja Prisika, and by Vrtline the route goes left. From Kazaginici head towards the lake and Marinovac beach, and from there right towards Bukova Gora and continue on the road. One can keep following the road or turn left to Carmel of Saint Elijah and continue to Lonica Kuca in order to join the road. Follow the road for another couple of kilometers and turn again towards the lake to the beach which has a dock. From there follow the road up towards resort Grabovica, and from there follow the local road back to the main road R417. The road comes to Karlov Han where you turn left over the bridge to Prisoje.

From the center of  Prisoje, go right to Brljevci till the end, and then continue on the dirt road through the pine forest uphill passing the resting area and viewpoint. The trail will join again the main road where this stage ends. Close by, across the road (on the way of the White Trail Via Dinarica stage 2) is Iliric “Gradina”-remnants of old Illyrian settlement.

Public transport

There are buses towards Split that can be used to reach the starting point. 

Getting there

From Split, Livno or Tomislavgrad to Kamensko



Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Kristen Perry
July 14, 2018 · Community
Easy road walking from the border to Buško jezero and Prisoje. The white/yellow Lady of Sinj markers take good shortcuts around the road. There is a good supermarket, Kamensko d.o.o, just off-route past the border. The petrol station shop a few kilometres further on is very small; nice pizzeria with wifi after that. We camped by the lakeside past Marinovac plaza for two nights. Past here, there are multiple cafés and another slightly bigger shop. Some of the tracks shown on MAPS.ME which would avoid the main road are under water. Bošnjak household was amazing, lovely rooms and shower, happy to cater vegetarian for us! 25€ two people, full board.
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Damir Hadžisaković
May 09, 2018 · Community
Ovu etapu karakteriše puno hodanja po asfaltu. Ipak pošto je dio Via Dinarike potrebno je proći i uživati u ljepoti Buškog jezera.
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Eva Smeele
August 18, 2016 · EVAdinarica Project
There are a few more asfalt escapes possible and there are many cafés and restaurants along the way, but it is a long day... Next time I will go through the mountains and skip the official bordercrossing. The last part to Bosnjak household is nice.
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24.1 km
10:00 h
570 m
299 m
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