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Via Dinarica BH-W-06 Prenj Mountain


Jérémy Bigé

srpnja 08, 2021 · Community
Disagree with the previous com about the trail to ravna 😇 Don’t follow the gps and stay focus on the signs. I made it in a big hour without getting lost. Terrible push from Ravna. If you can, sleep at the village and go earlier because it was really hot in June ! Be careful just after Ravna, there is a clean trail on the right of a isolated house, this is not the one ! Water at Meduprenje. Trail quite easy to follow across prenj with beautiful views but quite hot. Before Vrutak I kept following the marks and not the gps because of the previous com. Really few water in June a the spring under Vrutak. The shelter was closed. I put the tent. After, the trail is easy to follow. Some big snowfields under the pass but ok. Water at Adnan Krilic but the lodge was closed at this period (June).

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