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Via Dinarica BH-W-06 Prenj Mountain

kolovoza 10, 2021 · Community
I started in Ruijšte and did the trail in reverse. Bijele Voda hut was closed, but water was accessible. Bring purification or pills. Markings until Vrutak (spring nearly ceased) good, but than it gets a bit complicated, the way I walked: ignored the first sign and went to the second (old one) followed the sing (went left) to Lupoglav, when you find the first markings the get better and hit the track soon. Take the shortcut to Lucine shelter (not on the map) I met a local mountaineer and he told me they are currently resigning a lot of trail. The now about the confusing markings. I didn't take the shortcut and it was a really steep and dangerous climb to the shelter. After that follow the markings to Milanova Koliba / Meduprenje. Marking is quite OK but doesn't fit the gps track. Manged to arrive at Milanova Koliba just at sunset (12 hours of walking). Amazing place with spectacular views and nightsky. The old hut is open. There is water outside and inside the hut. And a fireplace. Descent next day to Ravna was steep but ok marked and overgrown. Gps doesn't always fit. From Ravna to Jablanica finding the trail (gps again didn't fit the markings in many places) wasn't easy and trail was overgrown and the heat was really bad. Short: one of the most rewarding stages so far (going north) but really demanding in terms of orientation. Also it's a lot of walking time you need, because the path is not always in good condition.

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