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Via Dinarica BH-W-06 Prenj Mountain

rujna 10, 2021 · Community
I Completed this section in two long days with an overnight stay at Meduprenje Hut. Jabalanica to Meduprenje took me around 8 continuous hours to walk. It doesn’t look far on the map but it’s a very steep incline and there were a couple of occasions between Jablanica and Ravina that I lost my way. Meduprenje hut has electricity, wood-burner stove and bedding materials. Water is kept in a storage container inside the hut so very convenient. If you contact the site manager Naid he will let you know where the key is kept. Meduprenje to Rujiste took me 13 hours! It’s a really long day of walking with lots of up and down sections. Signage is rare. Markings are frequent but often head off in different directions. I got lost twice which lost me an hour! I carried enough water at the start of each day so I didn’t have to look for places to refill. When I hiked in September lots of the marked sources were dried up.
Meduprenje Hut
Meduprenje Hut
Fotografija: Tony Pretyman, Community

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